CLEP Opportunities for Veterans

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The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers students increased flexibility in managing the complex demands of jobs, families, and college-level course work. The program allows veteran students to demonstrate their mastery of college-level material in introductory subjects and to receive college credit by earning qualifying scores on any of more than 34 exams.

Quick facts about using CLEP tests:

  • Save You Money - An average college course can cost you over $100 per credit. Through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), Credit-By-Exam tests are free to servicemembers. Veterans can use their GI Bill to be reimbursed for most testing fees. (Note: Civilian students pay more than $80 per exam).
  • Save You Time - The average college course takes from three to six hours a week spread out over three or more months. Depending on your depth of knowledge, you could spend less than a month preparing for each test.
  • Help You Skip Ahead - Why spend time and money on boring freshman level courses when you can jump up to the more interesting advanced courses.
  • Offer You Flexibility - You can set your own deadlines and choose your own study materials: videos, college textbooks, or study guides.
  • Don't Require College Enrollment - Unlike college courses, you don't have to be enrolled in college to take these exams.
  • Are Widely Accepted - CLEP is accepted by most colleges and universities. In addition, by passing these examinations you can earn one-third or more of the credits you need for a college degree.

Nearly 3,000 colleges grant credit based on CLEP scores. CLEP exams range in subject from English composition to U.S. history, biology, and Spanish, among others. When students complete a 90-minute computer-based exam, they receive an instant score report, allowing them to make quicker course-enrollment decisions.

For more information see our GI Bill National Testing Programs page.

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