More National Test Centers - More Opportunities

The number of National Test Centers continues to grow as more bases convert to computer-based testing. There are now 131 NTCs world­wide. This trend is most evident in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, where 59 percent of bases have converted to NTCs. Is there anyone out there not yet familiar with the notion of a NTC? Not seeing the value in starting one up? Or not taking advantage of it wherever possible?

DANTES Test Sites migrating DSST, CLEP and ECE paper-based to computer-based testing continues to be a hot trend and is made possible with the base-sponsored NTC through a partnership with colleges on or near the base. The number of NTCs is quickly rising as both Education Center staff and Service members take advantage of the many benefits of computerized testing. Not only does it provide increased security in exam delivery, but candidates also enjoy greater flexibility when scheduling and receive instant score results after testing. Secondly, Test Control Officers (TCOs) can focus their efforts on goals and tasks other than paper form ordering, adminis­tering, shipping and inventory, knowing that their service members’ educa­tional goals are being met. Finally, for the institution hosting the NTC, it maximizes the use of their computers and generates funding to maintain and operate their facility.

With a simple, standard start-up process in place (Memorandum of Understanding between base and school and a written agreement between school and testing agencies), DANTES encourages all bases to explore this opportunity and reach out to a school on or near the base to sponsor iBT DSST, CLEP eCBT and ECE CBT testing.

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