New Guide to Getting College Credit for Military Service

"A Transfer Guide: Understanding Your Military Transcript and ACE Credit Recommendations"  provides simple, straightforward guidance on understanding military credit recommendations and transcripts and includes definitions of common terms, answers to frequently asked questions and a transfer credit checklist.

DARTThe 51-page guide from the American Council on Education (ACE) is available to assist Servicemembers and veterans in understanding how they are potentially eligible to earn academic credit for their military training and occupational experiences. ACE offers a downloadable PDF formatted version of the Transfer Guide online.

The guide outlines the factors that affect transfer of military credit, such as institutional policy, alignment with appropriate courses, procedures, requirements and transfer application deadlines. Servicemembers and veterans are encouraged to research and identify academic institutions that meet their needs as individuals, and as learners, to understand institutional transfer policies/procedures. They also are encouraged to start the transcript review process early.

"Credit earned through military training and experience can provide Servicemembers and veterans with an important jump-start when pursuing higher education,"  said ACE President Molly Corbett Broad. "Building on ACE's long history of serving as a bridge between the armed services and higher education, this guide aims to ease the transition from soldier to student."

It is the goal of ACE to implement programs and services to reduce the many obstacles Servicemembers and veterans face as they begin or resume postsecondary education.

"We often hear from Servicemembers who are frustrated to find that the type and amount of credit awarded for their demonstrated competencies falls short of their expectations," said Jim Selbe, ACE assistant vice president for lifelong learning and 20-year Marine Corps veteran. "We are hopeful this guide will provide information to these men and women who serve our nation so they receive credit, when appropriate, for their military education and training."

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