Next Step: Grad School

A recent graduate holds a degree and smiles.

A graduate degree can help you get ahead when transitioning to a civilian career, moving up through the ranks, or competing for the job or assignment you want. Use the benefits you've earned in service to pay for advancing your education.

Here are six reasons you should consider going to graduate school.

  1. Stand out in your field - A graduate degree is one way to show you have professional knowledge that is unequaled
  2. Get noticed in a competitive job market - When looking for a job, prospective employers will know you have the determination to stick to a goal and the knowledge needed to perform at top level
  3. Follow your interests with more depth - If you are truly interested in a field, getting an advanced degree is one way to explore it in depth
  4. Make great professional connections in your field - Your classmates will most likely be the best and brightest in their field, always good to have colleagues that are top notch.
  5. Greater earning power - A recent report says that graduate degree holders earn an average of $17,000 more a year than those with just a bachelor's degree
  6. Teaching opportunities - For many teachers, a graduate degree is required just to get the job. For others, a graduate degree pays a higher salary. Investigate your options.
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