Coast Guard Credentialing Programs

While the Coast Guard does not offer online certification programs, it does offer a list of occupational certification programs online. Funding for these tests is not provided by the Coast Guard except (possibly) in cases where the credential is required for you to perform your Coast Guard duties.

What Are The Benefits Of Certification Or A License?

For you, it:

  • bridges the gap between your educational experience and real-world work requirements
  • verifies your understanding of fundamental software engineering principles
  • shortens your training cycle and quickly increases your contribution
  • demonstrates your commitment to expanding your knowledge and increasing responsibilities and level of professionalism
  • confirms your proficiency of established software development practices
  • sets you apart from others via a credential developed by, and for, software engineering professionals

For employers, it:

  • reduces the new-hire training cycle
  • protects the organization’s investment in a competent and proficient workforce
  • standardizes software development practices
  • provides independent assurance that employees can perform on real-world projects

Certification Finder

certification finder, sponsored by the Department of Labor, will help you find out more about certification opportunities.  You can enter the name of the industry or occupation you want to work in and the search engine will take it from there.

The Army's and Navy's Credentialing Opportunities On-Line web sites point you toward credentials related to Army occupational specialties and Navy rates, but they can be helpful to Coast Guard personnel as well.  A comparable Air Force site is the CCAF Credentialing and Education Research Tool (CERT), which you'll have to scroll down a bit or search for to find.

Visit the Coast Guard Certification website now for more information on certification and credentialing.'s Job Center has a one-stop job center that allows you to:

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