Coast Guard Says Tuition Assistance Funds for 2017 Almost Gone

Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf
Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf and its crew returns to its homeport of Alameda, Calif., Nov. 24, 2015, just in time for the crew to enjoy Thanksgiving with their loved ones. (Photo: Petty Officer 3rd Class Adam Stanton)

If you are a Coast Guard member planning to use Tuition Assistance (TA) for college you'd better act quick.

ALCOAST 152/17 released by the Coast Guard on May 2 says that at the current use rate, FY17 TA funding will be exhausted mid to late May 2017.

When TA funds are exhausted, TA will be suspended and no TA applications will be accepted or authorized for the remainder of FY17.

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance assists eligible personnel in their professional development by providing funding for off-duty voluntary education courses to broaden their academic or Coast Guard technical background.

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance can pay up to 75% of authorized Tuition and Fees, not to exceed $250.00 per Semester Credit Hour, or $4,000 per fiscal year. See our Coast Guard Tuition Assistance page for more details.

Members who are interested in using their Tuition Assistance benefit are advised to contact their unit's Education Services Officer as soon as possible to either apply for TA benefits or find out what other education resources are available to them.

Active duty Coast Guard members may also use the GI Bill or be eligible for grants or other education assistance.


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