4 Military Veterans Just Released the Most Tactical Campaign Ad of All Time

Screenshot of a joint congressional campaign ad for Texas Republicans.
Screenshot of a joint congressional campaign ad for Texas Republicans Dan Crenshaw, Wesley Hunt, Genevieve Collins, Beth Van Duyne, Tony Gonzales, and August Pfluger. (Campaign ad screenshot via YouTube)

Congressman Dan Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL and current representative for Texas' 2nd District. Now, he's also the headliner in one of the most hyped-up joint campaign ads ever released.

Crenshaw is making his first reelection bid after being elected in 2018 and is looking to help other veterans and Republican allies who are running for their first seat. The video, called "Texas: Reloaded," features him gearing up to form a supergroup of political candidates in order to "save Texas," in a style reminiscent of a 1980s action movie.

They're calling it the "Greatest Joint Campaign Ad in History."

After jumping out of an airplane, Crenshaw lands at an unknown airfield and meets Wesley Hunt, an Army helicopter pilot and West Point graduate. Hunt is the Republican candidate for Texas' 7th District congressional seat.

Then, Crenshaw recruits August Pfluger, an Air Force F-22 Raptor pilot and former National Security Council adviser, who (for some reason) is repairing Hunt's Apache helicopter in the video.

The trio laugh about the Air Force fixing the Army's problems and why Crenshaw would jump out of an airplane instead of just using the phone. Hunt and Pfluger appear in Army and Air Force flight suits, including their issued name patches. But the campaign notes that the use of real uniforms isn't intended as an endorsement.

They then move on to recruit more candidates for their supergroup, including former Navy E-9 Tony Gonzales, who is running for Congress in Texas' 23rd District.

Crenshaw and his group also pick up the former mayor of Irving, Texas, Beth Van Duyne and businesswoman Genvieve Collins. The two aren't veterans but are Republicans running for Congress in Texas' 24th and 32nd districts, respectively.

In Crenshaw's words, "Who says campaign ads have to suck? Check this out. Mission Impossible meets the Avengers."

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