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Medical care. Getty Images
Medical care. Getty Images

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Up to 45,000 Tricare Users Could Soon Be Dropped

As many as 45,000 Tricare households or beneficiaries could be disenrolled from coverage because their payment information was not updated when the agency changed regional contractors early this year.

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US Would Fight Without Air Support for Weeks if War With Russia Began

Senior U.S. Army officials on Monday mapped out a plan to dramatically increase the range of the service's artillery and missile systems to counter a Russian threat that would leave ground forces without air support in the "first few weeks" of a war in Europe.

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Low Recruit Discipline Prompts Army to Redesign Basic Training

The U.S. Army will soon launch a redesign of Basic Combat Training intended to build more discipline after many commanders complained that new soldiers often show up to their first units with a sloppy appearance and undisciplined attitudes.

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