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Commissary to Roll Out Handy New Price Search Tool

( screen shot)
( screen shot)

Remember back when the commissary website used to list all the sale items at each stateside store and their exact prices? A super handy way to milk the most savings out of a commissary run, it was also the only way to easily tell when items were marked down.

The system did not use sale tags until 2011, so unless you happened to know the regular price off the top of your head, there was no way to tell at a glance in the store whether or not things were cheap. The list was the only tool. 

But the section has been down since a DeCA site redesign last year. And now officials are getting ready to launch an even better one, according to a recent release.

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Instead of just a super long, alphabetical list of items and prices, the new section will let customers look up the price of any item in any store, the release said. 

Update (March 29): Just kidding! Officials with DeCA told me this week that their announcement about the new tool was wrong and patrons, they said, will not able to look up "any item" as they originally announced. Instead, the new tool will be the same as the old, not nearly  as cool as what they originally said tool. You'll only be able to see sale items.

As for when this will be available, officials didn't release a roll out date for that, instead saying "the next few months."

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