Navy SEAL Who Lost His Eye in Afghanistan Is Now Running for Office

Former Navy SEAL Daniel Crenshaw. (Photo: Dan Crenshaw for Congress website)
Former Navy SEAL Daniel Crenshaw. (Photo: Dan Crenshaw for Congress website)

A Navy SEAL who lost an eye in Afghanistan announced he is running for Congress in his home state of Texas.

Daniel Crenshaw, a retired lieutenant commander, had a 10-year career in the SEALs. He's now seeking to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives seat being vacated by retiring Republican Ted Poe.

On "Fox & Friends," Crenshaw revealed that he was hit by an IED blast in Afghanistan while he was on his third deployment.

He lost his right eye in the blast, and his left eye was badly damaged. He explained that after several miracle surgeries, he was able to regain sight in his left eye.

Crenshaw recovered and deployed twice more, to Bahrain and South Korea, before eventually retiring last year.

"I'm leaving one of the more credible institutions, and I'm trying to take that credibility to one of the least credible institutions," he said. "I'm a SEAL, and I'm always looking for the next way to protect and defend the American people."

He said the American people need to be protected not just from foreign enemies, but from over-taxation, over-regulation, threats to their freedoms and much more.

"The president needs our help. He needs people in Congress who have credibility on the issues," Crenshaw said. "We need something better than just talking points."

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