TRICARE Young Adult FAQs

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What is the TRICARE Young Adult program?

TRICARE Young Adult is a worldwide plan you can buy for your child after eligibility ends at age 21 or 23 You may buy either TRICARE Young Adult Standard or TRICARE Young Adult Prime.

Are TRICARE Prime options available under the TRICARE Young Adult program?

Yes. You must meet all TRICARE Prime requirements when buying coverage. There are different requirements for TRICARE Prime coverage for stateside and overseas. More information is available on the TRICARE Young Adult-Prime page.

Note: If your sponsor is using TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve, you can't use a TRICARE Prime option.

How do I buy TRICARE Young Adult coverage?

You may buy coverage at any time by submitting a completed TRICARE Young Adult Application with an initial three-month premium payment to your regional (stateside/overseas) contractor.

After the initial payment, you must make ongoing monthly premium payments by electronic funds transfer or recurring debit/credit card payments. See our TRICARE Young Adult Program page for more information.

Is there a TRICARE card?

No. You will usually use your ID card for care, see the TRICARE website for more information.

May I continue to get prenatal care at a military hospital or clinic while covered under the TRICARE Young Adult program?

Yes, if you bought a TRICARE Young Adult-Prime Option. If not, you may get care at a military hospital or clinic on a space-available basis.

If I cancel my TRICARE Young Adult coverage, can I buy it again?

Yes, but you'll have to wait 12 months before buying it again.

My sponsor isn't eligible for TRICARE anymore. Can I buy TRICARE Young Adult coverage?

No. Your sponsor may choose to buy Continued Health Care Benefit Program coverage for the entire family.

Is the TRICARE Young Adult Program considered minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act?

Yes, see our TRICARE and the Affordable Care Act page for more information.

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