BAH Differential Rates

Military housing

Servicemembers who live in government housing and pay child support are eligible for BAH differential (table below). Servicemembers who pay child support and live on the local economy receive the "with dependent" BAH rate for their locality. Find your Basic Allowance for Housing Rates

The following table reflect the 2019 BAH Differential rates:

Grade Differential
O-10  $357.60
O-9  $357.60
O-8  $357.60
O-7  $357.60
O-6  $304.20
O-5  $294.00
O-4  $195.90
O-3  $195.60
O-2  $230.40
O-1  $249.00
O3E  $204.60 
O2E  $245.10 
O1E  $287.10 
W-5  $122.10
W-4  $150.60
W-3  $227.10
W-2  $240.00
W-1  $232.50
E-9  $306.60
E-8  $287.40
E-7  $332.70
E-6  $321.90
E-5  $273.90
E-4  $236.40
E-3  $194.10
E-2  $259.20
E-1  $306.60

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