Military Per Diem Rates

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Per Diem is a daily allotment to reimburse servicemembers for the out-of-pocket cost of food, lodging and incidental expenses that occur while on military business or temporary assigned duty (TDY or TAD) away from their home station. Per Diem sets the limit to how much a servicemember can be reimbursed for meals and lodging. The following is a summary of how the Per Diem works:

The Per Diem Allowance

Each year the DoD Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Committee sets the Per Diem allowance. The Per Diem is specific to a given travel location and can range from a standard CONUS rate from $149 per day up to $735 per day for Out-of-CONUS rates.

Current Per Diem Rates

The Per Diem rate you will receive is based on a combination of the Maximum Lodging and the Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) rates. M&IE is either determined by adding the Local Meals Rate and Incidental Expense Rates, or the Proportional Meal Rate.

To find the specific Per Diem rate for a given location visit the DoD Travel and Per Diem website.

Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Reimbursement Rates

Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Rates


If no Government Owned Vehicle available (TDY) $0.58
Airplane (TDY) $1.26
Motorcycle (TDY) $0.55
MALT Rate (PCS) $0.20


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