Army Birthday Quiz

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Audrey Griffith, left, and Spc. Heidi Gerke, both with the 92nd Engineer Battalion, stand guard during a force protection exercise at Forward Operating Base Hadrian in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, March 18, 2013. DoD courtesy photo

Army Birthday Quiz

Do you know everything about the founding of the U.S. Army? Put your knowledge to the test!

True or false: the U.S. Army is older than the U.S. itself.



Who was George Washington's second in command?

Benjamin Franklin

William Tecumseh Sherman

Artemas Ward

Thomas Gage

How much money did Congress vote for to support the first army?





Which Prussian noble helped discipline and structure the early U.S. Army?

Johann Gottfried von Herder

Baron von Stein

Karl Friedrich

Baron von Steuben

In what regard did African Americans serve in the Continental Army?

In racially integrated units.

In racially segregated units.

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