Modern Air Force Airpower

Air Force Announces New Deployment System

U.S. Air Force airpower has been a major element of our nation's defense dating back to the earliest days of the Army Air Corps. The Air Force became an independent military branch when President Harry S Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947. The Air Force’s airpower currently includes the following aircraft:

A-10 Thunderbolt II AC-130H/U B-1B Lancer B-2 Spirit B-52 Stratofortress C-130 Hercules C-17 Globemaster III C-20 C-32 C-21 C-37A C-40B/C C-5 Galaxy CV-22 Osprey E-3 Sentry (AWACS) E-4B E-8C Joint Stars E-9A EC-130H Compass Call EC-130J Commando Solo F-15 Eagle F-15E Strike Eagle

F-16 Fighting Falcon F-22 Raptor HC-130P/N King HH-60G Pave Hawk KC-10 Extender KC-135 Stratotanker MC-12 MC-130E/H Combat Talon I/II MC-130P Combat Shadow RC-135U Combat Sent RC-135V/W Rivet Joint T-1A Jayhawk T-38 Talon T-6A Texan II U-2S/TU-2S UH-1N Iroquois VC-25 - Air Force One WC-130 Hercules WC-135 Constant Phoenix

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