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Former CNN Correspondent Joins's Editorial Team


MCLEAN, Virginia – Jamie McIntyre, former CNN Military Correspondent, has joined the editorial team with his new daily blog, Line of Departure ( which officially debuts on Tuesday, September 1, 2009.

Line of Departure will feature military news and policy issues as well as perspective on the media's coverage of the Pentagon and defense topics. Internationally known for nearly two decades of work as CNN's Senior Pentagon and Military Affairs Correspondent, McIntyre draws on his experience to offer a unique perspective on events affecting the military.

"I hope to draw on my 16 years of experience covering the U.S. military to provide context and increase understanding to the real issues raised by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In today's information age, I think is the perfect platform to do that, in a way that informs, not inflames, public opinion,” McIntyre said.

From the intervention of Somalia to the invasion of Iraq, McIntyre has covered every U.S. military operation of the past two decades, both from inside the Pentagon, and from the war zones. He's logged more than half a million miles traveling to more than 60 countries, often with top military and civilian leaders.

T. McCreary, President of, praised McIntyre's professional reputation and his addition to the editorial staff. "Jamie brings another layer of depth to our defense reporting and we are thrilled to have him on our team. I know he'll give our audience a daily dose of valuable information from his unique and experienced point of view. "

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