What is Military.com?

Military.com is the largest military membership organization, connecting over 10 million to benefits, news, resources, discounts and each other.

Why join?

Membership at Military.com is free, and gives you access to everything the site has to offer, from newsletters and alerts to Buddy Finder to our popular Shock & Awe section.

Who is eligible to join?

Military.com has resources for Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, Spouses, Dependents, Veterans, Military Retirees, DoD personnel, those considering joining, and military enthusiasts and supporters.

How much does Military.com membership cost?

Military.com membership is free.

Is Military.com an official government site?

No, Military.com is a business unit of Monster Worldwide (NYSE:MWW). However, Military.com works very closely with government organizations to ensure complete and timely coverage of issues and events that affect our members.

How can I partner with Military.com?

Military.com has many advertising and sponsorship opportunities. For more information, complete this request form.

How do I change the e-mail address where I receive e-mail deliveries?

Go to the My Account Page. Select Your Personal Information, enter your new email address and click Save.

How do I add or remove myself from Military.com e-mail deliveries?

Go to the My Account Page. Check the box next to the e-mails you want to receive, uncheck the boxes for the e-mails from which you want to unsubscribe, and click Save. There's also an Unsubscribe All button.

I would like to reprint an article. Whom do I contact?

Military.com content comes from a wide range of sources – government, syndicated, and those original to Military.com. Reprint requests must be very specific. Please contact Customer Support with any requests.

I have a question about my account or anything else about Military.com. Who should I contact?

Please visit the Help & Feedback sections. If you aren't able to find an answer to your question, contact our Customer Care Specialist.