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A&E Television Networks Makes Strategic Investment in


New York and San Francisco - A&E Television Networks (AETN) Executive Vice President Whitney Goit II and CEO Christopher Michel today announced a strategic partnership that brings investment capital, co-branding, e-commerce, and contextual advertising for on AETN's television and Internet properties, including the Mr. Goit will assume a seat on the board of directors.

"'s high-quality standards and leadership in the military market make it an ideal partner for AETN," Mr. Goit said. "Our partnership with correlates with our Internet expansion strategy." Mr. Goit oversees three of the company's five divisions: AETN Enterprises, consisting of Biography Magazine, home video, consumer products and catalog; AETN Interactive, a new division launched in 2000 as an expansion of the company's presence in the interactive marketplace; and AETN International, with joint ventures in 58 countries.

"The A&E Television Network's investment, branding and e-commerce relationship cements's position as the premier online destination for the military community," Mr. Michel said. will be promoted in AETN network programming on both the A&E Network and The History Channel, and AETN's Web sites, and Viewers will be invited to visit for more information about their favorite programs or to delve deeper into a particular subject. will promote AETN's extensive library of books, videos and other consumer products.

The partnership combines the valuable branding of A&E Television Networks and the with's interactive platform for giving voice to those who helped make history through military service. By presenting first-hand accounts and putting a human face on history, the partners can help audiences understand historical events and appreciate the contributions of America's military community.

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A&E Television Networks, a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation, ABC, Inc. and NBC, is an award-winning, international media company offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television programming, magazine publishing, web sites, and music CDs to home videos, as well as supporting nationwide educational initiatives. AETN is comprised of A&E Network, The History Channel, The Biography Channel, History Channel International, AETN Enterprises, AETN International and AETN Interactive. The A&E Web site is located at and the History Channel site is located at

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