Vets Die Waiting On Alleged 'Secret List'

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Chairman Miller went on Fox & Friends to discuss the investigation into the secret waiting list and preventable patient deaths at the Phoenix VAHCS.

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  1. 14485294
    14485294 May 09, 2014

    He That Does Not Dream Does Not Live.Hit From Left Hit From Right!World does not understand.Freedom? So awake but so asleep.Go figure its Universal Truth, Educate one Educate all,Its a system that needs fixing.At least...Always.Winter-Summer Land-Sea.But order is one step above what is.Answer to look for question.For without it nothing would work,not even the nuke.

  2. poznian
    poznian May 09, 2014

    The head of VA won't resign and this has been known at least since last fall? I guess murdering vets is in the job description for some of VA suits. Guess what? We won't drop this and there is enough of us left alive to press the point and get justice for those who are no longer with us. Shame on you Secretary of VA affairs.

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