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US Marine on Trump's Travel Ban

Steve Gern is a former U.S. Marine who works as a private security contractor. He took to Facebook to warn of the dangers Americans still face in Iraq.

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  1. 27563208
    27563208 Feb 13, 2017

    Maybe it is because we are Marines, that we have such insight into combat? We would rather fight longer to get the job done right, than get out and say that it is done.

  2. ghost308
    ghost308 Feb 14, 2017


  3. VS3013
    VS3013 Feb 18, 2017

    All the bleeding heart liberals should see this video and then try to tell me that Muslims are not a problem in this country. President Trump is right, there should be no Muslims coming to this country. They are not coming here to become Americans, they are here to tear down this country and try to force Islamic values on us. Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you heard the pledge of allegiance in this country? It's bad enough that we have asshole liberals in this country trying to destroy our heritage without bringing more people into the country to further tear up our American way of life. Take back your rights before it's to late.

  4. 33735324
    33735324 Feb 20, 2017

    Firstly, I don't want or need hate mail, so please respect this. I'm a USAF veteran who served for 5 years during the 1980's. Life led me to various positions of employment in the Middle East. Over two years ago I became a Muslim and married a Muslim woman. That's right, I'm a red blooded, white American man who's a Muslim...shocking, I know. I understand the need to keep radical terrorists out of the United States and support that goal completely. In my situation, the Trump Muslim Ban (as we all know it is) is keeping my wife and I from sharing our lives together in the country that I served. Can anyone actually and whole-heartedly say that this is right? I've gone through the hoops to have my wife with me and now...who knows? We're no more terrorists or radicals than Audie Murphy or Rambo. We only want to be together in America. Is that so much to ask...Mr. Trump?

  5. 35952160
    35952160 Feb 22, 2017

    i hear that and i'ts understandable to ask those questions of the people living there. i don't think i trust local folks that are violent to change (or at least change overnight). I don't easily accept that all of those locals will do that, but I could accept that there are a good number of them, and more than we had in our KKK haydays. and thats not right, of course i don't want those people that would murder you for being an american, coming to live here. i don't think the questions should stop there though. i would be interested in finding out how many of those people that would be considered the guys to behead an american have already come over here. do they know any guys that did those things already and have made it to america? and it would be good to also ask these types of questions in america to people that are from the banned countries. we have had these people coming to out country for many many years now. since the focus in this video is particularly local people that aren't the designated extremists. it is also a good question to look into the average everyday level of crime that persons originating from the banned countries has committed.

  6. 35952160
    35952160 Feb 22, 2017

    i'd be interested in hearing back Steve Gem

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