To Veterans with Invisible Wounds

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A message regarding Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome - words to motivate a veteran to get help.

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  1. 33792785
    33792785 Mar 27, 2015

    Thanks to MILITARY.Com for posting my video. It's used by the VA's nationwide suicide prevention program, the US Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, a leading mental health journal, a West Point faculty department head, Colin Powell's former chief of staff, and 20 other entities helping vets & troops. I can prove the above, and welcome comment, @ The message encourages troubled vets (PTSD, etc.) to seek help, and is a tool for their families, friends, and counselors.

  2. 19KILOO7
    19KILOO7 Mar 27, 2015

    It is a shame that veterans, military members, and civilians do not recognize the pain because the lack understanding and empathy.

  3. 28144334
    28144334 Mar 27, 2015

    Thank You for the video Mr. Van Deusen for the video. I hope it gets a lot of Vets thinking and getting help for their selves and their brothers.

  4. 33801976
    33801976 Mar 29, 2015

    First, THANK YOU for posting this video. If it helps 1 Veteran then it's worth it. I am 100% (Service Connected) Disabled (total and permanent) with the VA. I'm to old to learn a "new trick" and to broke to pay attention. Lol. One thing I can say, PTSD is

  5. 33801976
    33801976 Mar 29, 2015

    nothing more than a person's normal reaction to some "messed up things" we witness or cause and that's the bottom line. We're not "sick" (lol, although some maybe). Way to many brothers and sisters aren't even aware of the PTSD Groups all over the country. If you're anywhere near Topeka, KS. Group is it 1pm, Dr Olde, Mon, Wed and Fridays. Please come, be my guest, I usually show up 20-30 minutes early. Juan Valdez

  6. 33792785
    33792785 Mar 29, 2015

    To Juan Valdez. Glad you found a self-help group. I'm a great believer in support groups. Nobody's being paid to be there, no records kept. "Old-timers" keep what they've got by giving it away to the newcomers. One possibility for some folks is CELEBRATE RECOVERY, a "Christian 12 Step" approach, look online for group locales. In 2007 I visited VA national hdqrtrs in DC to tell them about the availiability of 4000 such groups nationally, ran such a group for 5 yrs., & helped start 5 such groups near Fort Drum, home of the Army's most deployed division. Roland Van Deusen

  7. 33792785
    33792785 May 09, 2015

    On May 5th, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R, NY - 21) called me at home to say she'd be sharing my video with the House Armed Services Committee. She also said she'd shared my concerns with the Committee, about the danger of our troops becoming entrapped in the larger hidden war engulfing the Middle East, the 400 year old Sunni-Shiite conflict, re-ignited when the Iraq War began.

  8. 33792785
    33792785 May 24, 2015

    Today the VA's National Center for PTSD, emailed to say they'll be using this video. I have the email to prove this, if anyone wants it at

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