Pearl Harbor Survivor Gets Last Wish

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Bud Cloud survived Pearl Harbor and had one just one request before he died: to see the Navy one last time with the ship that has the same name as the one he served on in Pearl Harbor. 13 days later, Bud Cloud's ship sailed off. He died at peace and feeling whole.

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  1. -Soldat-
    -Soldat- Nov 30, 2013


  2. 6326161
    6326161 Nov 30, 2013

    God speed.

  3. marpootis
    marpootis Dec 02, 2013

    This is wonderful for the Navy to do this for an OLD Vet. We still have honorable people serving in our military. Ols Sgt. US Marine Corps

  4. JRM0919
    JRM0919 Dec 02, 2013

    Smooth sailing Bud , mission completed , thank you sailor .

  5. johncasoni
    johncasoni Dec 05, 2013

    A great send off, honoring a Pearl Harbor vet. Thanks for posting. R.I.P. Mr. Bud Cloud. Probably NAS North Island. Served there with RVAW-110.

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