Former Seal - Public Has PTSD Stigma

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CNN's Michael Smerconish talks to former Navy Seal Brandon Webb about PTSD and the stigmas returning veterans face.

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  1. 32297907
    32297907 Apr 17, 2014

    PTSD amongst combat fatigue, and constant struggle is quite common. Many service members have no idea they could be suffering from this sort of psychological/emotional/physical wounds. Upon being wounded, even one's mind and perception of oneself is altered. For instance, war mutilation, or body alteration creates altered perceptions of self. This affects one's views of others and society itself. There is much therapy and new forms of therapy to help alleviate and heal the pain and suffering involved with this disorder including Spiritual counseling, whether it be Christian, Buddhist, etc. Also, personal or family group counseling is preferable to help one's family members understand the internal pain a soldier experiences on a daily basis due to loss and mourning of extremely close loved ones and long term, high ranking veterans of the highest degree. Good luck and God Bless the Vets of every faction.

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