Can You Spot the Sniper?

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Wait for it...

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  1. gunga55
    gunga55 Apr 27, 2011

    maybe if some one knew how to hold a camera steady it may have helped

  2. KevinsMemos
    KevinsMemos Apr 28, 2011

    What language was that?

  3. 27198642
    27198642 Apr 30, 2011

    Correction concerning most or many environments you can go from one color environment to another and still blend...there are innumerable shade combinations with ZDC...and hundreds of pattern combinations can create a different camo for about any environment in moments with all of the camo patterns potentially.... Could potentially eliminate the bulk of a Ghilli suit...for sniper applications and every day military use...Be Blessed...Steve

  4. backpacker00
    backpacker00 May 02, 2011

    Saw one.. so considering how close those guys were, that'd result in about a 10% casualty rate....

  5. 12671599
    12671599 May 02, 2011

    Anyone can hide in the grass with a Ghille Suit. The trick is to make sure that while in concealment, that they can observe a wide range of movement by their objective target.

  6. 24833289
    24833289 May 04, 2011

    Is that Russian territory? Belarus? Just wondering, from having read much about that area, supposedly a lot of birch trees grow out that way.

  7. sgtjmackinjersey
    sgtjmackinjersey May 06, 2011

    Even with the crappy camera and slow internet connection here at work I saw them as soon as the guy started rolling film. Then there was a young girl next to me who saw them and pointed them out very fast, before they even stood up. Good thing these are what we would be fighting against...

  8. 27240504
    27240504 May 07, 2011

    just pull the trigger with confident and accurately in the target.. its bulls eye already

  9. ThomasChrisGoTy
    ThomasChrisGoTy May 10, 2011

    the camera is shakes alot

  10. 27287881
    27287881 May 15, 2011

    My son serves this,his,our country and does so with pride.And even though he is proud of this great nation and all that it stands for, has achieved and overcome, it seems that only in times of crises do we come together as one.We would like to think we "are" a great nation but truth be told we "were". When we stood as one and worried more about the welfare of our niebors than keeping up with the Jones's.When children weren't only the responsability of thier parents but one for us all.We can be great again we just have to start wanting to be then doing something about it!

  11. 11665261
    11665261 Sep 07, 2011

    Good but not good enough! One guy moved and they were too green against a light green front aspect!

  12. 9874877
    9874877 Sep 07, 2011

    "A"..?..if I were on POINT (watching for Snipers TO BEGIN WITH !!)..I'd be on Thermals, BONEHEADS. "B"...NO MOUND OF GRASS IS A MOUND OF GRASS IS A MOUND OF GRASS UNTIL IT PASSES THE "HERE ! MY THERMALS ARE BROKEN SO I'LL PUT SILECED .50 CAL ROUND INTO MIT! AND SEE IF IT MOANS!" TEST. Soo, TELL ME THEN!?...What do YOU guys do for a Living?..KNIT or COOK? or Write Copy for Stars and Stripes Episodes on M.A.S.H. ?

  13. MajorRay1
    MajorRay1 Sep 11, 2011

    As a former combat infantry medic and a Christian I would like to get close enough to the enemy to read the bible to them before they get blown away.

    SWEETNESSTM Sep 20, 2011

    the camera man sucked a steady hand would have made spotting them much easier.

  15. 28387569
    28387569 Nov 14, 2011

    someone call the doctor that was sick

  16. 27562635
    27562635 Jan 02, 2012


  17. alphawhitewolf55
    alphawhitewolf55 Jan 24, 2012

    It accually takes a sniper to see them quickly..

  18. nachoman1974
    nachoman1974 Jan 25, 2012

    Aaaaahahahaha... that was cool.

  19. 22356728
    22356728 Jan 29, 2012

    I agree with gunga55. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I need the camera to hold still and stop jumping around for a second or 2 to see what I'm looking at.

  20. Kalagg
    Kalagg Jan 29, 2012

    I quit looking when I found one and then they all stood up. O_O Guess they got me.

  21. DefendingCountry19
    DefendingCountry19 Jan 29, 2012

    I couldn't see them.

  22. 28286707
    28286707 Jan 30, 2012

    i was actually able to pick a few of them out

  23. 27691327
    27691327 Feb 02, 2012

    kinda stupid

  24. 29055857
    29055857 Mar 21, 2012

    1 shot 1 kill. Get Some.

  25. DABomeisler
    DABomeisler Sep 24, 2012

    If this was filmed in HD,i was expecting one or two snipers not 20+

  26. Iserved_2
    Iserved_2 Nov 15, 2014

    My dog would have no problem finding each one @ coming back to papa with a mouth full of butt!

  27. 33417255
    33417255 Dec 05, 2014

    Hey, your given all your cinnamon away And that aint right.

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