Battlefield 101: Urban Sniping

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A look at how modern combat situations in urban environments have influenced the role and tactics of the sniper.

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  1. faceless_statistic
    faceless_statistic May 15, 2015

    PLEASE don't show the narrator's face, he's not why I'm here.

  2. 33965421
    33965421 May 27, 2015

    It is a shame that 10 years ago, in 2005, we took Ramadi and NOW ISIS has taken it. We NEED a leeader that has the balls to declare war on ISIS, and we will kill every single one if it takes a thousand years! Land, Air and Naval power can and should be put on alert for IMMEDIATE action and the straegty is --- IN THE AR!!! The tactis to accomplish this I do not want to put on an non-secure channel!! More power to the snipers!!! Yea!!!!

  3. 20552141
    20552141 May 27, 2015

    I never was a sniper for the military. But I spent my life being a sniper type hunter. Fermally believe inn that type of elimination of the enemy.

  4. 34004018
    34004018 Jul 05, 2015

    snipers are first responders on the battlefield and begin the offensive with the illumination of key point objectives which save the lives of the invading troops and prepares the the commanders in charge with information regarding the objective magnitude and the options to proceed.

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