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Egyptian Paratroopers Don't Wanna Jump

"I'll just sit here, thanks."

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  1. 26736811
    26736811 Sep 21, 2011

    Ha the one recruit was kicking the other out of the plane. Awesome song, anyone know the title and artist?

  2. 28080952
    28080952 Sep 21, 2011

    The song is 'Sail' by AWOLNATION. The rest of the album is pop but this is an awesome workout tune.

  3. CW3cwjeep
    CW3cwjeep Mar 09, 2012

    Egyptian special forces, rangers or cooks ?

  4. DaddyLongLegsUSA
    DaddyLongLegsUSA Oct 29, 2012

    well knowing that their egyptian made shute has a 50% chance of opening i'll be hesitant too.

  5. wikkid1
    wikkid1 Dec 10, 2012

    Gdamm, I can almost smell all the soiled diapers from here...

  6. 20788154
    20788154 Apr 11, 2013


    RANDY_USN May 08, 2013

    jajaja that's umber able... the song is really good to work out thanks 28080952 for posting the name of it.

  8. itschallenger2
    itschallenger2 Oct 31, 2013

    jesus christ. It's like they didn't know what was going on, duh. it was automatic for me. all of us hype up thru training to finally getting to jump and get it over with. getting our wings...weak asses

  9. itschallenger2
    itschallenger2 Oct 31, 2013

    thats true (lol) hope the rigger knew what he was doing when he packed them and was a little more bright.

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