Airborne Santa Takes to the Skies

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Each year the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment at Fort Benning, Georgia, have just one wish. That Santa will come and help celebrate the holidays with during the Annual Airborne Tower Lighting Ceremony. Fort Benning TV's Ron Andruss brings us the holiday magic in the merry style.

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  1. 25855909
    25855909 Dec 14, 2012

    My best Christmas/Military story. While stationed at CRC Uijungbu Korea in 1970 The radar site on hill 468 on christmas eve reported 8 small and one large Items coming from the north. We scrambled the alert force and took our post on the hill. Needles to say the next morning all that were on the radar site that night went before the I corp commander. They wound up getting busted a rank. No it wasn't Santa's sleigh and eight flying deer but it was a good laugh.

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