Parachutists Nightmare a Reality

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Sometimes things just don't go like you plan...

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  1. jimthefireman
    jimthefireman Nov 04, 2012

    Video shows the use of a HUPRA or Hung Up Parachutists Release Assembly. We had one made up for our sport skydiving club in the old days based on this type of system. Basically an extra static lined parachute (in this case a Low Porosity Reserve parachute) is attached to the top of the mess and then deployed. Interesting to see. Not sure exactly what the original problem was, but the static line appeared to be misrouted.

  2. 20788154
    20788154 May 11, 2013

    Good training. Give the man another chute.

    LESTEX Oct 30, 2013

    Just another day at the office, eh guys?........You rock! Semper Fi

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