Bodyguards Assault West Point Cadet

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Incident starts at the 1:36 mark. West Point officials have rebuffed a Houston lawyer's attempt to have his client reinstated to the prestigious military academy after a March altercation involving soul singer Patti LaBelle's bodyguards at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. King said he had been dismissed from the academy and placed in an 18-month active-duty mentorship program. He would be eligible to re-apply for admission at the end of the program. King suffered a concussion and other injuries when he was involved in an altercation with three of LaBelle's staff members on March 11. The singer's limousine driver told police King hit him in the face after being asked to move away from LaBelle's auto. A security video showed two men and a woman pushing and punching King. King's attorney, John Raley, filed a lawsuit against LaBelle, her staffers, a taxi dispatcher and the airport, seeking actual and punitive damages. Raley said King was "a good soldier and will proudly serve his country wherever he is deployed ... When he completes his 18-month tour of duty, he will reapply to West Point. Richard was honored to be a West Point cadet and, God willing, will be one again."

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  1. bayman59
    bayman59 Jun 15, 2011

    Her body guards assault this man and the police come and all they do is get their picture taken with her. I guess she thought that would take care of everything and they would not get assault charges against them. Those bodyguards were way out of line. He had as much right to be there as that LaBelle woman.

  2. bayman59
    bayman59 Jun 15, 2011

    He should also have the three arrested for assault. Don't let them get away with it.

  3. 27128812
    27128812 Jun 15, 2011

    The Army officers, members of the review board which suspended Cadet King, should feel shame, for they have dishonored themselves, West Point and the United States Army. They should receive a formal reprimand and reduction in rank for dereliction of duty and cowardice. What sort of example did these officers display? Certainly not Duty, Honor, Country! If this is the level of ethics, dedication and loyalty Army officers have for their men, then I pray to God they are never placed in command of real men of honor, in combat! These actions appear to be a blatant act of discrimination (federal crime) perpetrated to further their worthless careers as rear echelon, ticket punchers. The security video very clearly depicts three individuals assaulting Cadet King, his head injury is severe enough to cause him immediate disorientation and loss of balance. The video depicts Cadet King, pacing to and fro, exhibiting normal motor skills, prior the assault, therefore it is reasonably established that he did not have disorientation and balance problems before the assault. Patty LaBelle should fire these thugs and provide a personal apology to Cadet King, his family and West Point.

  4. 27128812
    27128812 Jun 15, 2011

    The Houston police officers at the scene need to be dealt with by the HPD Police Chief for their lack of professionalism and dereliction of duty (FAA and TSI federal security regulations do not allow a vehicle to be parked in a concrete enclosed area, adjacent to the terminal building at any time, for any reason). Shamefully, this case will likely end in a civil/criminal courtroom where final retribution and legal justice is metered out, however, that does not address or correct a society where such an appalling incident can and does occur.

  5. churchmoore76
    churchmoore76 Jun 18, 2011

    I see a man walk out with his cellphone talking, apparently wanting to know where his ride off the airport was and some guy pushes his face in his saying anything! 1_stupid, cos you never know who your dealing with, so be a pro , inform the situation and ask politely to PLEASE back away, im sure the soldier would have smiled and complied, that is just how we soldiers are 2_because of the nature of the incident, now those 2 body guards will be targeted by military members of all branches wherever they go! 3_ now LaBelle, faces a law suit, and a bad rep because now she will be known as the one who allowed a soldier to get gang beaten in his own home soil, the cab driver, just perjured himself, cos the only one getting punched in the face was the soldier, all this guy did was give a back off me shove! and even then it was not followed up, this so called body guards are no more than bullies and thugs, and deserve(even the female one) to get their rears beaten within an inch of their lives, to see how they like being beaten with no real rhyme or reason. ITS A FLIPPING AIRPORT! EVERYONE LEAVING A TERMINAL INSTINCTIVELLY APROACHES VEHICLES, to see if that is their ride or not! wake up!

  6. gloomer
    gloomer Jun 19, 2011

    And that's supposed to say FAT not FAST.

  7. 10570415
    10570415 Jun 19, 2011

    How do we follow up on this? Was any charges filed with the HPD? Sure hope this isn't a dead issue. Man it's all on tape too.

  8. Jon_Heckendorf
    Jon_Heckendorf Jun 23, 2011

    Cops! That says it all. Now, the military has its own shame to live with.

  9. 26549513
    26549513 Jun 23, 2011

    We need to start putting people like this labelle old lady in jail and her thugs too.who cares that this lady made some music a hundred years ago.She is not above the law like she thinks.also these so called police officers should be charged as criminals for not doing the job us taxpayers pay them to do.Put the whole bunch in jail and give the U.S.Soldier they attacked and allowed to be attacked all their money and property,everything they own.They all should be severly punished and shamed for doing this to one of america's most important people,A United states of America Soldier.These kind of people get away with Criminal activity daily.Why?Something needs to be done.

  10. 27528955
    27528955 Jun 23, 2011

    I think everybody should write West Point and tell them they should be a shame of themselves for not backing this young man.

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