Totally Bizarre RPG Fail

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Run away, run away!

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  1. poznian
    poznian Apr 08, 2016

    A total dud?

  2. 35034644
    35034644 Apr 22, 2016

    A total fake video we have here. Notice around 37 seconds, the mans hand pushes the rpg forward.

  3. 1stForecon
    1stForecon May 05, 2016

    You can see his hand propel the dummy round. Not to mention the obvious camera angle using the NCO in charge to block the view. Fake!

  4. 8812031
    8812031 Dec 09, 2016

    You can easily see the RPG warhead is sitting crooked in the tube. Obviously foreign military training on what to do with an UXO malfunction.

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