Hovercraft in the Vietnam War (1967)

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Hovercraft called Patrol Air Cushion Vehicles (PACV) are used in the Vietnam War, in conjunction with Bell UH-1 Iroquois Huey helicopters. Narrated by Hollywood actor Dana Andrews. The Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle (PACV) was a United States Navy river patrol hovercraft used during the Vietnam War. The PACV was based on Bell Aerosystems Bell SK-5 hovercraft; a licensed version of the British Saunders-Roe (later, British Hovercraft Corporation) SR.N5 hovercraft. The SK-5 was adapted for American military use in 1965. Three were purchased by the U.S. Navy for operations in the emerging Vietnam War.

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  1. 17635561
    17635561 Mar 15, 2014

    That was great..and I admit if I had seen or know about it I had forgotten about it.Great team work!!

  2. 11659165
    11659165 Dec 22, 2015

    I was an OiC of one of these craft during this deployment and was a participant in the engagement depicted in this film. This occurred 50 years ago and I had no idea that the film even existed. As with any combat experience, you remember most your comrades in arms, and this film brings back many fond memories about a great bunch of guys. The craft had a lot of potential and we did our best to make good use of them. As for the war itself, well, that's another story...

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