Welcome to the Islamic State Land

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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The State Department is launching a tough and graphic propaganda counteroffensive against the Islamic State, using some of the group's own images of barbaric acts against fellow Muslims to undercut its message. While the department since 2011 has operated a small unit devoted solely to the task of analyzing and countering terrorists' messaging around the world, that unit – the 50-member Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications -- has shifted gears in recent months to concentrate more on the Islamic State threat.The social media presence – on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and beyond – has started using some potentially risky tactics to go after the militant network, also known as ISIS. The item grabbing the most attention lately is a shock factor-heavy YouTube video set up as a fake recruiting ad for the Islamic State."Run – do not walk to ISIS Land," the video implores viewers. The video tells recruits they can learn "useful new skills" -- like "blowing up mosques" and "crucifying and executing Muslims." Click on the link below to read more.

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  1. 28144334
    28144334 Sep 09, 2014

    I can't say I like the dead bodies and murders but I hope it wakes up Iraqi and Syrians to how barbaric these sons of Camel dung are. Sick Sick Mother FR's that need to be iradicated quickly. Semper Fi

  2. Sword100
    Sword100 Sep 10, 2014

    Does anyone think ISIS understands sarcasm, especially the stupid non-Arabs who join them to become suicide bombers?

  3. 33257314
    33257314 Oct 18, 2014

    I saw the video, I get the message, but I am not sure if the people that made the video actually know anything about ISIS or islam. ISIS is a Sunni Muslim terrorist group that is fighting the Shia and 3alawi muslims " this war between Sunni and Shia is 1400 yrs old war" , so these mosques that isis bomb or the other muslims that isis kill according to the Sunni is good for islam. The same with Shia if they bomb a Sunni mosque or kill a sunni Muslim that is good thing according to them. This video is a waist of money and actually makes the USA government look ignorant about islam and islamic teachings and ISIS or any terrorist group and the politics in the Middle East. I am not sure who advised the USA government to make a video like this, no wonder we have been fighting the war on terror for tens of years now, and we are not even close to winning and actually is getting worse everyday. Please stop making our country look like a joke to others educate yourselves and if you don't want to do that then hire the right people to advise you, please don't hire people who are ignorant about the matter.

  4. 33587379
    33587379 Jan 19, 2015


  5. 30885444
    30885444 Nov 17, 2015

    Please, no more with gods blessing countries or people. It's how we got to this point.

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