Top 10 ISIS Kills

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ISIS has made significant gains in Iraq and Syria, but their brutality has earned them a spot as public enemy number one on the world stage. Watch how U.S., Kurdish, and Syrian Forces destroy ISIS militants.

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  1. Erichs
    Erichs Jul 24, 2015

    Nice job. I wonder how many times this needs to happen before they are wiped out?

  2. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Jul 28, 2015

    it's going to take a long time before these freaks give up, The are constantly recruiting other freaks even from America & Europe. Look at the recent police station that was taken by terrorists. According to what was said, Some of the police officers joined the bad guys.

  3. Keil210
    Keil210 Sep 14, 2015

    ISIS fighters seem most courageous when slaughtering defenseless women and children.

  4. 34640073
    34640073 Dec 13, 2015

    Are there any friendly guy groups out there that are looking into Terrorist training camps in the USA? Indiangunslinger

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