Bone Chilling 9/11 Attack Footage

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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Never forget.

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  1. crocket
    crocket Aug 29, 2012

    Think it's interesting your film showed nothing about that third building that collapsed - nothing hit it - think if more were known about that - we would find answers for the other two - very very poor investigation of the whole matter and very suspect.

  2. 5628690
    5628690 Aug 29, 2012

    What was the language superimposed over the film?

  3. 17186892
    17186892 Aug 29, 2012


  4. garymmorgan
    garymmorgan Aug 29, 2012

    Nice video. Sometimes fiction is easier to believe than fact.

  5. 29730928
    29730928 Aug 29, 2012

    Is there and English translation of this video? Thank you..

  6. AFSSson
    AFSSson Aug 29, 2012

    People need to open their eyes to the fact that this is the only time in history that a fire has provided a demolition to 3 buildings. Planes have hit buildings before to; much weaker than these. There was another source inside the buildings that brought them down. It is the only way they could have come down that way.

  7. 29732006
    29732006 Aug 29, 2012

    Hard to believe that this happend. Hard to believe that we still have our pants down. Hard to believe that even in this trajic loss, people(17186892),(garymmorgan) take time politicise the issue or look for conspiracy theories. Not that its not suspicious. But Obama, give me a break, Bush benefited from the turmoil. And I am a republican.

  8. 24897692
    24897692 Aug 29, 2012

    I believe the language that was superimposed on the film was Hebrew (not Arabic). Plus, a pro-American reminder of that day and that justice was served in the end would be consistent with Israeli sentiment. The film is powerful in its own right, but the background music adds to the impact and circumstances of a real event. By the end of the nearly 13 minutes, I was hoping to see 130 minutes (10x) of US and Coalition forces wreaking justice on those ignorant enough to embrace the likes of Bin Laden, Abd AL-Rahman and Al-Zarqawi. Just a reminder to those guilty of attacking us (or those contemplating an attack): It will be 10x worst for you and your followers and we will not rest until "justice has been done".

  9. 28189909
    28189909 Aug 31, 2012

    B-25 hit the empire state building and nothing happened

  10. FLJuJitsu
    FLJuJitsu Sep 01, 2012

    It strikes me that what should have been a war of righteous vengeance after this has somehow become a political quagmire.

  11. roman_willis
    roman_willis Sep 01, 2012

    Are led by a ring in our noses! By forces that tells only what they want us to know and subpress the truth?

  12. bangladeshi
    bangladeshi Sep 03, 2012

    Very sad massage

  13. dave-dilts
    dave-dilts Sep 03, 2012

    The first bone chilling call of this century, for me, was when my daughter called me at home to tell me to turn on the TV, i did and minutes later the first of two towers collapsed and then the second one some time later. I think that anyone with red blood cells in their body must have been in shock as they saw that tragedy unfold. The second most bone chilling phone call I received in this century, was when the same daughter called me from her home in Houston, TX at 5 AM in the morning....I had been in a deep sleep,but immediately sobered when she said that whatever TV channel I would turn on today....she said thank God I am not oil rig that she had been on for two weeks six mos. ago was all over the tv stations and to not worry, BP IS A VERY SAFE COMPANY AND NOT TO BELIEVE TOO MUCH THAT THE MEDIA WOULD BE SAYING..I DID NOT AND STILL DO NOT....WAY TOO LEFT AND OUT OF REALITY FOR ME.....

  14. 12563225
    12563225 Sep 04, 2012

    why this happen because they don't listen to my vision only work when a lot of human being going to died.and this going to happen again because evil. never give up. but i going use my vision one more time.let see if they not going to follow up my vision MY vision COME FROM GOD.

  15. 29404381
    29404381 Sep 05, 2012

    The language was Hebrew. The "other" bldg that fell didn't fall for many hours and was severely damaged by the fire and destruction from the Towers 1&2. It think it was Tower 7 that fell later that evening.

  16. 13999926
    13999926 Sep 05, 2012

    Never forget. yes, let us never forget that the Bush administration took down the world trade center. What would be really interesting to see would be the Mosad agents planting the demolitions in the two towers.

  17. 13999926
    13999926 Sep 05, 2012

    @29404381 - wrong! there was no significant damage to blg 7. This was brought down in the same manner as the other two buildings; controlled demolition. 911 was an inside job. Get off of MSNBC and FOX and go do some research. The evidence is there.

  18. AirborneMick82d
    AirborneMick82d Sep 05, 2012

    Video, Its a great video. Why are there Arabic subtitles? What is it saying? Who is the intended audience? Near the end, there is a full screen arabic dialog. What?

  19. AirborneMick82d
    AirborneMick82d Sep 05, 2012

    Sorry, not Arabic?, perhaps as someone else noted, Hebrew.

  20. Swindle95
    Swindle95 May 16, 2013

    What is the language????

  21. USMCHarrierVet
    USMCHarrierVet Sep 13, 2013

    The conspiracy theories are just that...theories. There's no fact to your lies you're trying to spread about 9/11 being an inside job. Go back to Westboro Baptist Church.

  22. 31361483
    31361483 Oct 10, 2013

    It stupid cause after 9/11 no can't barely do any thing people got to over protective i hate it and Obama is still president so things will probably get a lot worst

  23. 33717909
    33717909 Feb 27, 2015

    Best 9/11 short movie I've ever seen. There was no Pentagon footage though.

  24. AmericanCitizen2011
    AmericanCitizen2011 Apr 08, 2015

    I am utterly disappointing in those people who push aside the men and women who died in the attacks to spread vicious and painful lies (or as they call it, "the truth") about the day. Just listen to the fear of that flight attendant on the plane. Not to mention that guy who got hit by the plane. And of course, the jumpers. Would you actually be so desperate to escape the fiery hell in the towers that you jump from a height of 109 floors or so? Before you conspiracize 9/11, take a moment to realize that people died.It's despicable that you guys do this to humanity. Everybody hates truthers. Everybody hates you!

  25. 34307429
    34307429 Sep 11, 2015

    Concerning "Bone Chilling 9/11 Attack Footage" I would like to see footage of President Bush and his leadership in the aftermath of the loss of the trade towers. Thank you for posting this.

  26. 34307429
    34307429 Sep 11, 2015

    In addition to footage of President Bush, I would also have like to see footage of the Pentagon and Flight 93 included in the video.

  27. 34309525
    34309525 Sep 12, 2015

    Very moving and compelling, but no video of President Bush but instead of President Obama who had next to nothing to do with the intelligence used to ascertain Bin Laden's wherebouts?

  28. 34309767
    34309767 Sep 12, 2015

    i feel bad for the 30000people died rip for the people who died

  29. 34310197
    34310197 Sep 12, 2015

    Interesting video! Too bad it wasn't captioned in ENGLISH!!! What was this?...a "look what I can do" video in support of Obama? I saw the smirk on his face! Anyways, as I watched this video, I thought about the HEROES who helped amid all the destruction! The police, firemen, and everyone!, and my heart went out to those who lost their lives, and their families and loved ones! We, as AMERICANS, should forever remember that day, and do WHATEVER IT TAKES, to guard our borders, and fight whoever tries to do something like this again, whether it be our government, or terrorists within our country,and beyond!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, and GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!!!!!

  30. 34310864
    34310864 Sep 12, 2015

    the new world order Support 81 (The World Is My Oyster)

  31. 34311677
    34311677 Sep 12, 2015

    but the cameras what is this a movie. how did the photos not get destroyed but very one dies in the photos but the cameras still there

  32. 34311694
    34311694 Sep 12, 2015

    now lets destroy ISIS before they can even get stsrted, lets go America kick some fucking ass's

  33. 34346495
    34346495 Sep 23, 2015

    September 11th 2001 changed my life for not only the better but also the worst, life for many was doused out in minutes human beings flinging themselves from the burning buildings to the nearby buildings and crowded streets below. my heart go out to those that have to live with an empty void in thier family's lives knowing they will always live with the fact terrorist took away someone they loved through a sick twisted act may God have mercy on they families as well and may God blees humanity cause of 9/11 we are all one to all the victims sourvivors and families may the Lord always be with you .

  34. 5429508
    5429508 May 29, 2017

    So Sad a Day in History ,but what did Saddam have to do with it Ludecris , why the Russian Writing ??? Who was there from Ruskie Land to film and narrate

  35. 5429508
    5429508 May 29, 2017

    I have a Comment as to WHY the Indians are running Military Housing. Insurance, so far Guys 1 Indian from Muslim Malaysia living near a Air force base Texas has bought in 5 months a House, A Dog, a Mercedes, a Mustang , a Electric car and an SUV and other s have joined them working for USAA and have access to all Military Info ? Your SS your Life events , where you live , and serve..

  36. LILPOPS2005
    LILPOPS2005 Sep 12, 2017

    I love how they used the Modern Warfare 2 theme, but I would like to say i want everyone to remember those who were lost.

  37. 7818706
    7818706 Sep 20, 2017

    I got caught in LA preparing plans for one of the largest Army Reserve and National Guard Exercises in Cali. My unit assigned me to FEMA Region 9 Emergency Ops Center. It was certainly a wake up call for all Americans. I got put up in a Marriott Hotel and since I only had my uniforms with me, people in the Hotel asked me if they should be afraid. The last time someone asked me that was in Riyad, Saudi Arabia as I was out on the streets buying supplies for the 7th Corps March on Saddam. We are in a new world. A new era, so we all need to understand that.

  38. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Sep 20, 2017

    Attack my ass. it was rigged micro thermite charges and months of cutting beams in the elevator shafts to bring those towers down. I will day this once and only once ALUMINUM CANNOT GO THROUGH STEEL!! Once the CG was set all over the world news organizations and the helicopter was in place they pulled the buildings. It was murder done by very rich people and our president knew all about it. So did Dick Chaney and a lot of others who didn't go for the hour early meeting called by the brass in the banks that knew it was going to blow. The Pentagon was hit by a missile a very fast one. and PA was a bomb site. IT SICKENS ME WHEN THAT DAY IS STILL REFERRED TO A TERRORIST ATTACK. The only terrorists where right in America. WHY WAS THE RUBLE MOVED OUT SO FAST? WHY WAS EVERY PIECE 30 FEET AND NO LONGER? WHY WAS THE AIRPLANE ENGINE NOT THE RIGHT TYPE? WHERE ARE THE PASSENGERS? THERE ARE SO MANY OBVIOUS EVENT THAT COULD NOT HAVE MADE THOSE BUILDING FALL LIKE THEY DID AND HAVE MOLTEN LAVA UNDER ALL OF THE RUBLE EVEN THE FIREMEN HEARD THE EXPLOSIONS. PLEASE STOP LYING TO AMERICANS.

  39. 36387166
    36387166 Sep 22, 2017

    The video was very was hard to watch this unfold again. I only wish whoever created it would have just left it as it unfolded. We can hear the music/radio way too loud and nothing that has value on the video can be heard over the back ground music that is not needed at all and WAY too loud. It is a shame!

  40. 36400783
    36400783 Oct 01, 2017

    More B.S. lies!!! What about building #7? I guess we are supposed to just forget that happened right?

  41. 36469176
    36469176 Oct 30, 2017

    Seems that the 9/11 attacks might have been cause by Direct Energy weapons. Folks human kind is and has been kept in a state of induced ignorance and servitude by lunatics that are running todays military. These folks that are doing this are beings that hate human beings. Such direct energy weapons are being used against us as in the Santa Rosa fires. And possibly even 9/11. We need to look inside ourselves and ask our selves, why would we fund the government to even create such weapons. We must begin the hard work of looking inside ourselves to see what is causing us to fund the government to create weapons that could possibly end the planet. Free your selves from the mind control you are in and free others.

  42. peredavid
    peredavid Nov 02, 2017

    The last things one might have heard in NYC on 9/11 lonely trumpets or a symphony orchestra. This SFX 'recreation' just lends credibility to the potential for bamboozlement that was present in the original 'production'. The Israeli subtitles remind that they were 'there', too. Celebrating.

  43. 36127370
    36127370 Nov 08, 2017

    The Lord shall repay... We are to continue being graceful, Merciful and loving. We shall succeed and we shall prevail!!!. Help where we can help, Assist where we can assist, Be there for others where we can be there for others. This is what makes us a great Country!. We will always be the Land of the Free. America the Great. Lets live by example and let others know we will not budge. We will live by our Godly morals and values. We shall exhibit Godly principals at all times even under fire and adversity. God Bless America our Beautiful Country always. CPL Soto 11Bravo, Combat Arms Specialist, Infantry United States Army.

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