Battlefield 101: Terror Tactics

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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The shocking actions of extremist groups like Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and ISIS have reintroduced the world to one of the oldest military tactics – the use of terror as a weapon. **WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT

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  1. 12321092
    12321092 May 28, 2015

    the more we wait and say they are only a JV team and do nothing they will come so forget all the wars we had before this one will do us in, we do not have someone to lead, it looks like the military does not have the will anymore, when you go to war give them "HELL" and stop when they are all dead and level them this the great USA or pc people now....GOD help us all...

  2. poznian
    poznian May 28, 2015

    Don't panic, the image in your rear view mirror are smaller than they appear.

  3. txkboy
    txkboy May 28, 2015

    Big difference to be noted. The Japanese were uniformed soldiers of a nationalist force. Terrorists collectively do not wear the same uniform and represent their cause instead of a nation. As far as media censorship goes, good luck trying to get the U.S. media to quit showing terrorist group videos on national television. I can hear the whining already!

  4. faceless_statistic
    faceless_statistic Jun 10, 2015

    Hey Narrator... I'm here to see the action. Your voice is fine, but stay behind the camera please.

  5. 33943672
    33943672 Jul 10, 2015

    Shut down their sites We can control all their Technology. Destroy them as we would any command and control sites. Prep the battlefield. Why do we allow them to continue ???

  6. NonDairy
    NonDairy Nov 23, 2015

    USA... Arm yourselves, buy ammo, stay vigilant.

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