The Women of Nazi Germany

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A strange look into what life was like for the women of Nazi Germany.

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  1. BonnUASCBM
    BonnUASCBM Mar 07, 2013

    Good video. I'm sure you got a good grade on it.

  2. poznian
    poznian Mar 12, 2013

    Well done and also true.All this while the British ladies produced Spitfires. Makes you think.

  3. 36698024
    36698024 Feb 23, 2018

    Valuing motherhood is indeed strange. Women should just be mindless office drones, much more rewarding. Pursuing money and power is much more admirable than lovingly raising happy healthy children.

  4. 36698024
    36698024 Feb 23, 2018

    And listen to the soundtrack to this clip, basically saying that being a woman is about clubbing and partying. In other words Shania Twain's idea of being a woman is just vapid, emptyheaded consumerism

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