1945 Death of a Tank at Okinawa

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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Unedited USMC raw footage from 1945.During the hard battle for Okinawa a Marine tank is hit by a Japanese land-mine. Nearby soldiers wounded by the explosion are taken away. No chance to rescue the crew trapped inside...RIP.Soundtrack ("Mimi Returns") added (Demo Only) in 2008 by ROMANO-ARCHIVES, performed by Alec Harrison.

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  1. Woodystorey
    Woodystorey Feb 03, 2014

    The Sherman hit the mine, the mine didn't hit the tank as it says in the description...

  2. 34807010
    34807010 Mar 17, 2017

    marine tanker bennie bill woodall was kia on Okinawa first part of may in his tank. he survived three major campaigns, the marshalls, sipan, and guam, wounded july 21st when his tank was blown up, went to the fleet hospital in new Caledonia. then on to Okinawa, he didn't have to go, but he did, a real marine!

  3. 34807010
    34807010 Jul 03, 2017

    update on bennie bill woodall, his wife told me his tank hit a land mine he and the crew were unable to escape, and over a long period of time burned to death...the remains of he and the crew were returned back to the US and buried together somewhere in Nebraska. if anyone has information on the date the tank hit the land mine, or location please let me know. thanks. contact Cooper at POBox 37 Everson WA 98247

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