Slingshot Guy Finally Owns Himself

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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Slingshot guy Joerg Sprave had a very dangerous mishap during the filming of a new video. It was only a matter of time before it happened... hope he is ok!

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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Sep 30, 2013

    That HAD to hurt!

  2. SilverThirteen
    SilverThirteen Oct 01, 2013

    Hilarious, but ouch! Better him than me. I would assume he will make a more absorbent backstop when he shoots 20mm steel balls again. ☺

  3. Falconi
    Falconi Oct 01, 2013

    I didn't find that funny at all. That could have easily killed him and by the looks of it, he's going to be dealing with a skull fracture or worse! Horrible accident!

  4. GunMetal21
    GunMetal21 Oct 01, 2013

    Awesome! Perfect camera angle after the hit too!

  5. cplmartinez
    cplmartinez Oct 03, 2013

    Oh good grief...walk it off! Tis nothing but a flesh wound!

  6. ecarfar
    ecarfar Oct 03, 2013

    Wow...even as a kid shooting a BB gun I knew not to use a solid backstop....

  7. Jamie42
    Jamie42 Oct 03, 2013

    I amazed he was not transported to a hospital right away for x-rays to see if his skull was cracked or even partially penetrated by the steel ball. Granted head injuries can look way more serious than they may be, but in this case professional help is indicated.

  8. bigjohn1st
    bigjohn1st Oct 03, 2013


  9. Espdp2
    Espdp2 Oct 05, 2013

    Holy crapola! I've been following him on Youtube for a while, and he's quite entertaining, but this is more than he (or I) bargained for! Still, I am glad that he put the bloody injury up for the public as a subtle little safety reminder. Get well, Joerg!

  10. SHODAN96
    SHODAN96 Oct 07, 2013

    Ya just can't fix STUPID....

  11. 14223461
    14223461 Oct 10, 2013

    He should have stuck to plastic and glass empty bottle. That's what he gets for messing with the licour!

  12. 31344863
    31344863 Oct 11, 2013

    Watch it in slow motion. The trajectory of the rebound is way off! I don't think this is real.

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