Terrorist Training Camps in the US

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The Spread of Homegrown Terrorists - Islamic training camps in America's back yard. Why are these communities left to flourish in the US?

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  1. 27169212
    27169212 Apr 25, 2011

    Still, don't you all just feel SO SAFE under the Napolitano homeland security regime? These pesky little radical Muslims cant scare me when we have Obama and Napolitano at the helm!

  2. bearboy1209
    bearboy1209 Jul 06, 2011

    Where are all the good old boy rednecks i say clean the out Get er done.

  3. A_I
    A_I Aug 27, 2011

    funny , guess we got work to do lol

  4. 27573524
    27573524 Aug 28, 2011

    Interesting that similar camps exist for yrs, but ran by white radical groups with the intent to over through our govt, but are protected by the Constitution, yet when the word "muslin" is added it becomes an issue. I don't hear anyone protesting the fact that the KKK and Skinheads are not classified as terror groups and given to the military to hunt. Or their assets being seized by the gov't.

  5. sgtjmackinjersey
    sgtjmackinjersey Aug 29, 2011

    27573524, Actually the Klan and Skinhead camps are not set up or designed to overthrow the Government. Yes, they are a bunch of hate mongers that promote violence towards certain ethnic people, but they are not trying to overthrow the Gov't. They are under close scrutney and survailence by the Feds in many ways. Why are these camps not? FYI, every militant camp that has been set up to train people to overthrow the Gov't or partake in any other highly illegal activity has been surveieled and eventually shut down and or raded by the FBI. These guys are not.

  6. 28853573
    28853573 Feb 10, 2012

    Newt said we should kill all enemies, wonder what he would do about these if he was president. I would be glad to vote for him, to get all our enemies killed.

  7. jtbensonb86
    jtbensonb86 May 23, 2012

    how is happening 2 my country

  8. 12939579
    12939579 Oct 09, 2012

    While Janet "Napoleon" Napolitano tells local law enforcment to be on the look out for anyone with an American Legion, VFW, NRA or Pro-Life bumper sticker as possible Domestic Terrorist, she allows these Islamo-facist to have free reign in our country.

  9. 29015602
    29015602 Oct 10, 2012

    I have heard rumors of these camps existing here and the number is much higher than 35. Eric holder and Janet the napolian will come after me for having a mac90 but these islamist sob's have the real ak47 rocket launchers and what appeared to be c4 plus the caps for them. To me there is no such thing as a moderate muslim, he or she is merely a spy working to gain your friendship so that you can be more easily killed when the time comes. Not just the United States, but every free country in the world is being infiltrated and at war with Islam. Screw political correctness these are Islamic Terrorist's and to me they are all Islamic Trrorist's

  10. 28839313
    28839313 Oct 10, 2012

    According to our Government the only domestic terrorists they recognize are those who are patriotic and fly the flag of the United States of America.

  11. 30105688
    30105688 Dec 02, 2012

    we are screwed if we dont do something about this nip this in the bud QUICK!!!! as in right away is this what we want our kids to grow up with all this fiflth in our country

  12. 24938322
    24938322 May 11, 2013

    If groups of zealots are training extensively with small arms in encampments around the US, I would hope the FBI is keeping a very close eye on them. Could be dangerous, don't you think? Oh, those are the militias with ties to the Christian Action Network. That's OK. Muslims of America has been operating in the USA for 30 years, so I'm sure they're very well infiltrated by the FBI. Also, if these Islammist training camps (in Georgia?) were really a threat, they'd have been droned out of existence long ago. Sounds like Fox sensationalism to me.

  13. 30811246
    30811246 May 28, 2013

    wow, really!! How long have these camps been being established?? Why are they allowed to actually have military style camps or any camp at all? I know if the gun people wanted to form any kind of group, we would be somehow stopped. Also, how is it that they have so many weapons?? This is so messed up, like our government is trying to take these weapons away from its law abiding citizens, knowing that there are people all around us, that HATE US!!!! like are we the dumbest people on earth, they flew planes into our tallest buildings, ect.!!!!!

  14. 30816094
    30816094 May 30, 2013

    Lanny Bender, AK-47's a defiantly not illegal. Any gun store sells them.

  15. 30823522
    30823522 Jun 02, 2013

    ... When are the KoolAid Drinkers going to Wake Up and realize this is "REAL" ... Obama is trying to Disarm Our Country, and it makes me sick when I don't see Congress Stopping Him .!!! ...

  16. 31728409
    31728409 Dec 05, 2013

    I understand these camps have increased through out the usa. How many men are involved in these camps.

  17. 31957662
    31957662 Jan 08, 2014

    No military service because was rejected in 1968 by draft physical because of a unknown at the time unfixable medical condition. I think obama and holder are card caring muslims there fore they support these training centers.

  18. 32146449
    32146449 Feb 26, 2014

    Remember Waco, Tx., well where is the FBI at when it comes to these groups, I guess they were told to stand down like Obama and Clinton did. Law enforcement hands are tied as this guy say's then if they are tied then they were told to stand down, their terrorist training camps, what else could the FBI be told?

  19. 32318123
    32318123 Apr 23, 2014

    So are We just sitting back and waiting until it's too late as the "powers that be" continue to build their army against We The People by supplying them with military jets, weapons and welcoming "them" across Our borders and giving "them" Our jobs....?....I do believe We've been infiltrated (and for a long time now)as they shove more unconstitutional laws (to disarm Us and confiscate Our land) down Our Patriotic throats, People....

  20. 32544946
    32544946 Jun 11, 2014


  21. Guppy402
    Guppy402 Jun 27, 2014

    Can;t open the video! :(

  22. 32642423
    32642423 Jul 15, 2014

    Please send my the list of the know camps. Would like to go see them with friends:-) - JJ

  23. 32693318
    32693318 Aug 03, 2014

    Children that I know do not want to tolerate war. Why does terrorism exist? I been confused and still wondering why America wants to grow the military industrial complex? Is military technology transferable for space exploration and environmentalism I also wonder.

  24. 32712843
    32712843 Aug 10, 2014

    People have been screaming about MoA for years. MoA has been around since the 1980's. The NSA has had authority to detain anybody indefinitely, without charge, without evidence, without a lawyer and without a trial since 2001, merely for being suspected of being associated with terrorists. If these guys were running terrorist training camps, the NSA would have rounded them all up back in 2001 and plastered it all over CNN for years just to keep everybody scared of the bogey man. MoA are not terrorists. Please use your brain and stop spreading the Government's mass hysteria for them.

  25. 32713840
    32713840 Aug 11, 2014

    This film was taken in 2009, today is 2014 what has happen to these Camps. I think the American People should know and you show talk about them on your Show! The Gov't saying they are allowed to have Camps because they have Consititutional Rights is Appalling and Despicable….How about the Americans Right to be Safe in our Homeland?

  26. 32724502
    32724502 Aug 14, 2014

    Locations of these training camps need to be released to the public. York SC was one but where are the others. This administration is only after our own military ! The Obama administration is trying to destroy anyone that display PRO America ! Obama does not show any loyalty to America ! He talks a good talk BUT does not walk the walk of American pride. Let Obama go without all his protection to sit down and "talk" and see how far he gets with all his "bull" he spits out to America ! People do not believe it will happen in America but it will. But Fools don't believe it happen to the Jews either ! WAKE UP PEOPLE ! Read the Cloward-Piven Plan that he studied on how to bring down America ! BINGO !

  27. 32731481
    32731481 Aug 17, 2014

    If these camps exist as reported where exactly are they. Maps showing exact location? Who has them?

  28. 32778084
    32778084 Sep 03, 2014

    If Hannity the Obama hater doesn't like this or the protection our constitution allows then maybe he should get off his hater butt and lead the charge into these camps I will even go with him if this is true. But he shouldn't act dumb and pretend he doesn't understand our constitution

  29. 32780836
    32780836 Sep 04, 2014

    Why do we not put a stop to them as they are becoming home grown terrorists that will turn on us in time?

  30. 32782093
    32782093 Sep 04, 2014


  31. 32782637
    32782637 Sep 04, 2014

    Hello, What can be done to shut the terrorist camps down? You would think that if the government is on our side, this would be a priority. Otherwise, I think that they have another agenda, perhaps a genocide of Christians and Jews just like in Iraq and Syria.

  32. 32785948
    32785948 Sep 05, 2014

    I'm old but I can still shoot, I would love to go with you to sling some lead down range at those sorry bastards!

  33. 32785948
    32785948 Sep 05, 2014

    I believe that we could round up several hundred vets and take down every one of these training camps inside of a few days! Kill them all and let God sort them out!

  34. 32786451
    32786451 Sep 06, 2014

    hannity needs run out of the u.s. on a rail, just like piers morgan, let's bag some real terrorsts, start with the *bushes...

  35. usar4me
    usar4me Sep 06, 2014

    Sedition and organizations that can be linked to Islamist terrorist groups are illegal... those law enforcement officers claiming that they can do nothing are lying or misinformed. Local law enforcement is not the issue.. sedition and conspiracy too engage in terrorist acts or to be affiliated with known terrorist groups are FEDERAL CRIMES. The Constitution doesn't provide cover for sedition, treason or conspiracy to commit terrorist activities.

  36. 32814904
    32814904 Sep 15, 2014

    How are these camps protected by the Constitution. They are domestic enemies. Does our government not take an oath to protect the United States from enemies foreign and domestic?

  37. 32843366
    32843366 Sep 19, 2014

    That bastard in the White use brought them here. He should be tried, convicted an executed on National TV.

  38. 33218052
    33218052 Oct 07, 2014

    All i can say is, they dont know what its like to fight in the woods like we do.

  39. 33220038
    33220038 Oct 07, 2014

    This needs to be aired again as military members are being threatened by these bastards.Veterans better stand together and be ready because they are here and more have come across our southern border.

  40. 11465874
    11465874 Oct 29, 2014

    I want to know why we are letting this go on? There has to be something we can do about This . Don't we care enough to do something about the 35camps we know are training Muslims to kill us with in our United States of America. The man who made the documentary was beheaded and we did nothing about it. This is so wrong. Wake up America.

  41. 33411924
    33411924 Nov 30, 2014

    If someone has information on a camp in Montana. Please tell me where to go and put a eyeball on it ! That is the one thing I want to see ! With all the Keyboard Warriors out there ? Hell, you guys know ! Hell, Idaho , Utah , N.-S. Dakota ! I WANT TO SEE SND TAKE PICTURES ! And then go from there !

  42. 33426843
    33426843 Dec 04, 2014

    So the feds took out the "Christian" Waco compound.... they were americans fighting the government. Now your leader the "Muslim" Obama has his training camps here to day to have his "State of War" here yo stay in office. If the malitias and/or patriotic Americans were to start the fight they would be locked up.... why do you think obama wants to disarm us? Now, the second the muslims stRt the figjt then we have free reign on killing them. But patriots beware that our miltary will proble shoot at us to prolong obamas jihad. Make good friends and stay close to them. Save weapons and ammo,..... dont need much, there will be plenty of aks on the battlefield. Stock up on fresh water, and food rations, because obama is siezing all the food rations he can get. F.y.i look into thay one folks who love obama. I will see you down range. God bless America!!!

  43. 33567297
    33567297 Jan 13, 2015

    Our government knows these compounds exist, yet they are not closing them down? So much for the fight on terrorist when they are being allowed to train on U.S soil! People want to think peace can be gained by using peaceful measures. Wonderful idea but fact is, we aren't going to fight this problem by standing beside the 8th hole yelling Par while American citizens are suffering. Make an example of every U.S citizen who turns traitor, take away this countries political self pay system and make them earn it. Do what we can to limit international trades and become more self sufficient. Limit who can and cannot walk in and out of the U.S. If those things are done, will would see a huge improvement not only in moral, but human conditions and unity.

  44. 33567297
    33567297 Jan 13, 2015

    Against their Constitutional Rights to shut these groups/compounds down? Terrorist do not have Constitutional rights! It is not religion that trains how to "take a guard or police down", it is not a Constitutional right to train others to over throw a government. All this political correctness is going to achieve nothing but more blood shed. If a man plotted to kill a politician, a police officer, his neighbor, it would be viewed as premeditated murder. Why is this not being viewed as the same? They aren't playing weekend warriors, they are training to MURDER American's - the infidels as they see them. Jim Jones was being watched by this government for years because he was viewed as a religious fanatical. Yet Muslim extremist are being trained in our own back years and we are not notified of this? What is terribly wrong with this image? Why are they being held within Constitutional rights while plotting to murder every U.S citizen they can? Why the need for training with weapons the average citizen cannot own because it is unlawful to? Where and how are they obtaining these weapons? Where is it Constitutional for Muslim's to teach traitorous tactics against Ameica?

    CAPTSTEVENS Jan 14, 2015

    What are the locations of these camps? lat/long or map co-ordinates would be helpful

  46. 33572663
    33572663 Jan 14, 2015

    What gets me is why they are allowed at all in this country. These CAN and want to overthrow the government. I think they are waiting for someone inside the government to give them the signal to attack. Heck you would think the crazy environmentalists would be upset that they are destroying the environment. Obama and company I know are probably on their side. Then you have the Grover Norquists and Karl Rowes in the Republican party who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood because of money - our entire political system needs a housecleaning and replacement with loyal Americans.

  47. 33572663
    33572663 Jan 14, 2015

    To those who say these films are phony - I hope you are correct. I talked with an FBI agent a couple of years ago when I heard about this - and he said they were "watching" them - mosques are involved - this may be exaggerating how many camps there are, I do not know - but some do exist and the government knows about them.

  48. 10971928
    10971928 Jan 15, 2015

    I would also like to run across one of these camps, I need a little target practice.

  49. 33578012
    33578012 Jan 15, 2015

    I want to know why these camps are allowed to exist. This is America. There should be no terrorist camps in this country. Is it because obama will not do anything? We all need to stand up to him. HE has committed treason against our country several times and nobody does anything.

  50. 33579674
    33579674 Jan 16, 2015

    I live near the main headquarters. They have been here for almost 30 years. They are a community of families. Men, women and children. I've been hearing this about them for years. Seriously, don't you think something would have been done long ago if it were actually true. It's certainly no secret where they are. I think this is nothing more than fear-mongering.

  51. 33583475
    33583475 Jan 17, 2015

    Why isn't anything being done about this situation of the Muslim training camps. What do we want another 9/11? God help us.

  52. 33594344
    33594344 Jan 20, 2015

    Talk is cheep.....just post us a map....then we can see what where made of! Or call the D.E.A. and tell them that there is a David Koresh with a 50 cal. at these sites ..... just post the map if there is one

  53. 33598721
    33598721 Jan 21, 2015

    Please Shaun, don't insult us, I know your worried about your Job and all, but get real. What us as concerned Citizens are going to do, is get a group together and storm these Training Camps. We will need powerful weapons, and a group of Courageous Americans to Storm these Camps, I will be the first. Richard Jolley.

  54. 33598721
    33598721 Jan 21, 2015

    Who knows, Obama might be telling the Feds to stand down.

  55. pwrsander
    pwrsander Jan 23, 2015

    Shocked to find this on Military.com. I'm not saying this isn't happening, but I've always looked to Military.com for unbiased, un-Fox-like news.

  56. 33638613
    33638613 Feb 02, 2015

    I happen to live right where there is 2 of them. But not for much longer. Yes, something should be done. If not by our government (ahem, and I say that loosely) then by US!

  57. 33650733
    33650733 Feb 05, 2015

    @27573524 .. To your comment stating that the KKK, and Skinheads can freely operate the same types of properties, and not be counted as terrorists, nor messed with by the Government.. Actually the KKK has been labeled as a terrorist group in the past.. Secondly, before you go popping off at the mouth with nonsense lies,..I suggest you look up 'Ruby Ridge'.. Yeah, that family there was allowed to buy land out in the middle of nowhere,..but were they left alone to grow into a large organization like these Muslim camps? No, they were shot to pieces by the Feds, first.. .

  58. 33652702
    33652702 Feb 05, 2015

    If we know where these I.S.I.S. camps are in the U.S. and according to FBI and D.O.D. we do, then why are we NOT destroying them?

  59. 33709770
    33709770 Feb 24, 2015

    This not only saddens me but frightens me for our entire citizens of the USA. These people need to be made to leave immediately! This is totally shocking and I don't want to see the day that I am worried about a loved one being taken as a hostage, tortured, and/or killed! Whay are they still here? Why would they be protected when it is obvious they are terrorists and are planning on attacking our people?

  60. cbrackey
    cbrackey Feb 27, 2015

    There is no question that our government is going to do NOTHING concerning this at all! Got their heads up their butts or what? Or, just don't care! Time to take up arms and take care of this "camps", as the well being of the citizens of this nation are at risk for certain! There are more veterans with training to take out all of these camps and all in them, send them a message that thy will know and understand! All of them need to be taken out! period! And our own government says that veterans are just a bunch of terrorists? How dare them say that when nearly NONE of those political idiots have never ever served in our military! These muslins are not boy scouts!

  61. edward.perez3
    edward.perez3 Mar 02, 2015

    And they want us to give up our weapons, Yeah. I say think again.guess I need to stock up with M-10 rounds this is great news.

  62. 33745485
    33745485 Mar 09, 2015

    lts all just get together and take them to a cliff and push them off the cliff cause this is America

  63. 33745485
    33745485 Mar 09, 2015

    they want our guns then fine they can have them I will give them the bullets first

  64. Commonwealth
    Commonwealth Mar 13, 2015

    Marion Alabama is one of 35 small cities listed as a terrorist training camp town. Talked with employee of the Marion Standard Times Newspaper today to see if anyone had heard of this. Informed by a reporter at the Standard that she was sent to the last city council meeting 3 weeks ago and council voted to sign up for Terrorist Insurance. She thought this very strange at the time but had no idea Marion was on a list but after informing her of the list, made perfect since to her. I could tell she was very shaken after putting 2+2 together . What are the leaders of Alabama or Washington doing to STOP this insanity. She also informed me that OBAMA was to come to Marion after March in Selma last week(Marion 27 miles away)but never showed. Odd OBAMA would tell this very small Alabama town he would come at all is very unusual. Maybe trying to appease a town hiding Islam. Why would a city council be spending their small budget on terrorist insurance unless they know something the citizens of that town does not know. You know someone in Washington has this list.

  65. 33852230
    33852230 Apr 17, 2015


  66. 33910358
    33910358 May 09, 2015

    if we know where the training is for terrorist is in America take them out

  67. 33914325
    33914325 May 11, 2015

    No surprise here, Obama with Valerie Jarrett's help who wears the pants in the WH openly smudge Congress and does as he pleases..being a Communist Muslim, as he admits as well as his policies...it's no secret who he really serves...providing your American dollars to Fund the Muslim Brotherhood and many other questionable Muslim enterprises...many an American would be shocked...but lo, he serves no one but himself and his agenda...you American patriots are in 'contrary' to his agenda...watch YT video of now deceased undercover fbi agent Larry Grathwohl on Bill Ayers... and remember your oaths..hence all the foreign troops now in Amerika...litmus test anyone..remember the people are with you military...you are us...remember your oaths...and first time ever, Foreign enemy troops openly invited onto Amerikan soil...this is going to get ugly...semper fi~

  68. 34095342
    34095342 Jul 09, 2015

    g o hell ilam trropsits. united states attck these pigs

  69. 34126261
    34126261 Jul 19, 2015

    Please tell us where they are? I am in Oregon, and know hundreds of people who would be interested in the information

  70. 34333976
    34333976 Sep 19, 2015

    Wow this is an outrage and we have to stop this from happening, we must get the word out the best way possible. I love this site and proud to be an American...thank you

  71. tha92106
    tha92106 Sep 19, 2015

    In Obama's first term he provided weapons to Mexican drug cartels through the Fast and Furious program - for which he ultimately claimed executive privilege and never provided a justification to Congress. Remember Brian Terry! In his second term is ATF providing weapons to Jihadist in the US? Hillary used Libya to provide weapons to Jihadist in Syria. Would anyone be surprised?

  72. 34335959
    34335959 Sep 20, 2015

    we have one in dover, tn 37058

  73. 34338418
    34338418 Sep 21, 2015

    I found out Tennessee has three camps for these scum bagsin Shelbyville, Paris, and Dover

  74. 34357324
    34357324 Sep 26, 2015

    I wish people would wake up, it's almost too late!

  75. 32525808
    32525808 Nov 17, 2015

    I am retired Military living in FL. We don't have an official state militia here in FL. I would love to see a large group of ex-military and others join together and prepare to defend ourselves again these groups training within the USA. We may not be able to attack them now - but once they start something we can defend ourselves. Perhaps even a covert operation could take down some of these groups ahead of time.

  76. 18779831
    18779831 Nov 20, 2015

    I'm interested in joining any group to further investigate these training camps,,sincerely a concerned veteran in Florida

  77. 34517552
    34517552 Nov 23, 2015

    If these people have the constitution on their side to keep open. Why is it that when there is a militia compound, the government has no problem with taking them down?

  78. 34517552
    34517552 Nov 23, 2015

    Why are all of these comments flagged as Inappropriate?

  79. 34587352
    34587352 Nov 24, 2015

    I am assuming this was aired in 2011 since that is when the comments started. So they've had another 4 years of training and growth, which the pocket of training grounds have had to swell to other parts of the country. Can this information be given out to us patriots? I want to know if one is in my area. I live in the KC area. We need to know to protect ourselves if these radicals start their killing sprees. Our gov't will not protect us with our current leadership at the helm. This is scary!

  80. BAMA7706
    BAMA7706 Nov 25, 2015

    They aren't flagged. That is a link click on if you feel the comment is inappropriate. None have been flagged that I can see. In other news.. Marion Alabama used to be home for the Marion Military Institute. I am sure some of the graduates would find this interesting.

  81. 26383651
    26383651 Dec 07, 2015

    Nobody finds this video a bit on the dated side? Those "home videos" really appear as if they were filmed with shoulder held VHS 80's camcorders! Not saying these groups don't exist; just saying it would be better believed if there was video much more recent, clear, higher-definition, etc.

  82. irish_mitch64
    irish_mitch64 Dec 09, 2015

    Local malitas-SIC EM! America is being run by idiots.

  83. 31350066
    31350066 Dec 09, 2015

    I personally i think these camps and their support elements should be taken out now! The property planted with a kudzu like vegetation and stocked with wild pigs. Then opened to hunters (no hunting stamp required nor any limit on number of kills) plain language, cease operation immediately and water board all involved parties for information as to who authorized these places to start with.

  84. usnvetarmydad
    usnvetarmydad Dec 14, 2015

    I guess Obama got the memo about needing more recruits for the camps... ISIS/Syrians are on their way....

  85. 34648671
    34648671 Dec 15, 2015

    So, how is it these training camps are here in the U.S.A.? Why can't these camps be erased? Protected by the U.S.Constitution? How? Protected by the laws of the States? How? These people want to overthrow the government of the U.S.A.!! Why can't they be removed by someone? Drop a bomb on them...turn our military in on them...whatever it takes! I cannot believe there isn't a way to get rid of them!

  86. 34659423
    34659423 Dec 19, 2015


  87. 34664196
    34664196 Dec 21, 2015

    I am retired military and I am reading about ISIS training camps here in the US. Enough talk I call on all military personnel and Patriots to act and attack these muslim animals and kill them all. Starting with Obama and his traitorous pals. I am part of a Oregon Militia and we are declaring war on muslims and Obama and his admin. Americans help us cleanse our soil of this disease named muslim, let the New Year begin the revolution

  88. 24668248
    24668248 Dec 21, 2015

    Read an old comment here from 2011 that they were not here to try to overthrow the government and that they are closely monitored by FBI. This had to be a dem. We are not being threatened and attacked by Christians, Jewish or any other religious groups or denominations but by islamic terrorists. This camps only emboldens the enemy and it can easily be used for recruitment. The video shows assassination and hostage taking techniques and not just target practice or other self-defense techniques. Let's all wake up and make the our leader take action or America loving warriors will.

    IMCOOLR Jan 09, 2016

    QUICKLY, About KKK compared to Islamic terrorist. The BIGGEST difference IS, Race Radicals want to control, place limitations on and only kill those they fear (Blacks). Islamic Terrorist want to kill everyone, every western person, every American citizen(including you). Nobody is safe,even other Muslims are killed. Absolutely, NO WAY to compare. Wake UP!

  90. 34440840
    34440840 Mar 29, 2016

    So, how about posting locations so thy can be monitored by the general public? Don't we deserve to know where these assholes are?

  91. 6220666
    6220666 Jun 18, 2016


  92. EEP
    EEP Jun 26, 2016

    Bring back Atomic Annie and use it to take out these places with normal ammo instead of the ammo we had made for them with the power of what was dropped on Hiroshima. retire Army

  93. 35269933
    35269933 Jul 15, 2016

    Valarie Jarrett, Obama's right-hand person from Chicago and guides him in his day to day operation has made this statement."I am Iranian by birth and of my Islamic faith, I am also an American citizen and seek to help change America to be a more Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself." To add to that, Obama is a Muslim, and most probably a Shite Muslim and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He went to Eygpt when he was first elected and told the Muslim Brotherhood he was one of them. He and Clinton brought people to the US and trained them to go back to Eygpt and demonstrate to overthrow Mubarak and place their Muslim Brotherhood Morsi in the President's position of which it worked until General Al-Sisi ran him out and put him in jail. I said Obama was Shite because he has gone out of his way to assist Iran and has given them money in the millions. The whole Middle East was not about setting up democracy in the area, but to replace the leadership in areas like Syria with the Muslim Brotherhood run by Iran. Why would Obama have Valarie Jarrett working in his cabinet?

  94. 35326631
    35326631 Aug 02, 2016

    Why is the government letting this go on?

  95. 35369986
    35369986 Aug 16, 2016

    "We the People" do not understand our own Constitution. All of Sharia Law's punishments are seen as Cruel & Unusual. Sharia also does not follow the Judicial guidelines directed in our Constitution to determine quilt or innocents. Now understanding this should also let you understand that the Liberal Left now in control of the Democrat Party are Anarchists. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Barack Obama has openly stated that the Republican Party is the enemy! No future elected President can permanently correct our country's unconstitutional move away from our Constitution. Understanding our Constitution allows "We the People" to know when the politicians are violating it! Our Constitution is "We the People's" voice in government thru Article. V. where the Federal Government has no say! Two of the reasons the federal government raided the David Koresh Branch Davidian compound in Waco was for abuses of children & guns. The abuse of children is a basic right under Islam, being practiced in these compounds, not to mention the guns & explosives! Read my book "Four Branches of Government in Our Founding Fathers' Words". The key to a future America is Our Constitution.

  96. 35455904
    35455904 Sep 14, 2016

    Religious freedom stops with violations of others,we must act to stop the muslim invasion of america this includes all people of middle eastern desent that practice sharia law fatawa, etc,this country was founded on christian beliefs our money says in god we trust.NOT ALLAH! go sign the petition to stop the refugees streaming in under Obamas invasion in the guise of mercy,they are taking advantage of our kindness to destroy us,rape us,and kill our children.Go to www.petition2 congress and sign it today to keep muslims and their mosques away!

  97. 2nd-Amendment
    2nd-Amendment Sep 19, 2016

    I researched the places in Califoreignia they don't exit.. must of the places were educational nonprofit and was shut down for tax evasion!

  98. AL190945
    AL190945 Oct 29, 2016

    I can't understand our government tells me they can't do anything about these terrorist training camps located in the US. They have admitted to gorilla training for use against the US. To me that is a threat to our Nation and should be dealt with before we have another 9/11.

  99. EEP
    EEP Jan 11, 2017

    Is anyone watching to see if these troops are moving. I would not be surprised to see a possible coupe. Before Trump is sworn in. Of course, Obama can still call a state of emergency and not leave office until he has broken our back.

  100. 35868508
    35868508 Jan 27, 2017

    Now that President Trump is elected I hope he orders drone strikes on every of these Jihadists training camps in the United States we need to voice our opinions and urge him to take military action on the homegrown Islamic training camps

  101. 35897786
    35897786 Feb 05, 2017

    I would think that any initial aggressive attempt at shutting these terrorist compounds will likely come from the militias since the government in its ignorance is refusing to act.One thing is for sure and that is the sooner they are shut down the better because these camps will only grow if left unchallenged.

  102. 36531630
    36531630 Nov 24, 2017

    The government should not put up or protect this crap. They should be acceptations. I love that they get to watch us kick the shit out of ISIS. Government should strike these camps at the same time an drop napalm on these camps. And people protesting over Trump. I think it's funny as hell lmao. Calling him Un-American. So on an blah blah blah. I tell you want is Un-American. To have sanctions city's were people can hide out. Protecting theses camps. And allowing terrorist to come in our county that want to do just what they are preparing to do. And a lot of other things i can go on about. That is Un-American! Go Trump! Keep pissing people off i love every min of it. AND YES TRUMP IS YOUR PERESIDENT IF YOU LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY DUMB ASS'ES . THAT'S HOW IT WORKS. HAHAHAHAHA

  103. 36562380
    36562380 Dec 11, 2017

    Last I have heard, there's 50+ now. Friends be aware of your enemies. The Elite, want us dead & welcome Radical Islamist to join. We're are getting attacked soon. The distractions pft - 1K more Radial Islam murderes enter everyday. Code 4 IMMEDIATE DANGER. America is the "Grand Jihad" for them. President Trump managed to go against all odds & beyond a shadow of a doubt, God ordained him to do this. He doesn't need the money, he doesn't need the fame, He has everything. This man is truly incredible - he's our Saviour He Knew Long ago what needed to happen https://www.facebook.com/blackwellohio/videos/1174807149260350/

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