Syrian Jeeps vs. Kids with Rocks

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A convoy of Syrian Army jeeps are attacked by Syrian protesters armed with rocks. Some of the jeeps try and take them out as they pass by. 12/17/2012.

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  1. big_loui
    big_loui Dec 31, 2012

    whoever is posting and writing the captions for these videos is not well informed, this is not syria!!! its a village in the occupied west bank and those are not syrian jeeps they are israeli military jeeps

  2. Sword100
    Sword100 Feb 20, 2015

    BS. No vehicle tried to take out any "kids"! Some vehicles threw out flash bangs. Other vehicles avoided the large rocks used as a barricade on the road. Even if a "kid" had been run over, a win for the civilized world, One less Orc to establish the Caliphate. Civilized World should get ready for the onslaught of the Orcs. They are massing for the final attack.

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