US Air Strike Eliminates ISIS Militants

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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24 October 2014, New video footage show a US air strike hitting an Islamic State (IS) position on a hill near the embattled Syrian town of Kobane. American officials say an IS command and control centre in the area was destroyed in the latest operation.

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  1. Pappy05
    Pappy05 Oct 29, 2014

    Watch the rats run! Good shooting, keep up the good work!!

  2. 18270327
    18270327 Oct 30, 2014

    By the sounds of he talk the locals approved of this also.

  3. zaggle
    zaggle Nov 02, 2014


  4. 33382802
    33382802 Nov 19, 2014

    God bless America. Kill all the terrorists.

  5. 33382802
    33382802 Nov 19, 2014

    Keep up the good work America. Kills those savages every minute. We should exterminate them all.

  6. 23677536
    23677536 Dec 27, 2014

    LMNO!!I had to watch it three times to see which direction the ordinance came from. Turned a mole hill into a soccer field.

  7. 28144334
    28144334 Feb 10, 2015

    Awesome shooting, I had to watch 3 times because it was that good. Didn't see what did the damage but it sounded like an A-10. And a lot of happy people in the background

  8. Erichs
    Erichs Jul 08, 2015

    Vaporized. Wish we can lure them into an ambush and wipe out a few thousand a one time. anybody up for that?

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