French Air Strike Nails Taliban Biker

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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French military forces engage a Taliban fighter from above.

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  1. LetsLobRob
    LetsLobRob Nov 03, 2012

    Hoo-ray for the French!!! They're finally growing a pair.

  2. 29927160
    29927160 Nov 05, 2012

    I see nothing to indicate this poor soul was anything but a man on a bike. Out and out murder. This is why we are hated all over the near east.

  3. 7th_Psyops.Gp
    7th_Psyops.Gp Nov 06, 2012

    Now thats what is called a French Fry, oooh yeah

  4. Black_Raven135
    Black_Raven135 Nov 07, 2012

    Direct hit on a Taliban on a bike? Now there's something unique

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