Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.

A-10 Warthog Strikes Taliban Patrol

A-10 Warthog engages and eliminates 5 Taliban fighters with the 30mm cannon in Afghanistan.

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  1. Erichs
    Erichs Apr 20, 2012

    I wonder how far these guys were away to not hear the A-10 and how does the camera stay so focused from a moving jet? Guess that is secret.

  2. dizzy5243
    dizzy5243 Apr 21, 2012

    I won't be happy until you guys snuff out all these bastards,it will save alot of innocent people from being killed

  3. NicKellys
    NicKellys Apr 24, 2012

    seems more a helo attack

  4. 28546281
    28546281 Apr 24, 2012

    Oh how I miss the napalm canisters. One drop and,,,, crispy critters,,, No fuss, no muss and weed abatement for several months

    SHARPS Apr 25, 2012


  6. 28514851
    28514851 Apr 25, 2012

    Keep these videos coming. We can't win at , by God well beaT THEM THERE.

  7. Desert_Fox-1
    Desert_Fox-1 Apr 26, 2012

    Guys, you don't hear this bird until its right on top of you and then its too late. I know I faced some of them in training exercises. This bird is one scary and ugly killer, I'm glad they are on my side. I was a 19D30, Armored Recon Specialist.

    SPECFX Apr 26, 2012

    Desert_Fox-1 has it right...if you hear that bad MF "growl", he's shootin' at someone else! Example; check out the vid titled "A-10 Takes out Taliban in Treeline", on the other vids on this site. 'Nuff said.

  9. Gordon8417
    Gordon8417 Apr 26, 2012

    The A-10 Warthog is a super plane to have on our side. Talk about Paint Splatter! Love it!

  10. Gordon8417
    Gordon8417 Apr 26, 2012

    The A-10 Warthog is a super plane to have on our side. Talk about Paint Splatter! Love it!! Kill them All!

  11. 29247749
    29247749 Apr 26, 2012

    NOT A-10 footage,gotta be chopper footage.

  12. 7338411
    7338411 Apr 26, 2012

    The video footage is from FAC most likely. Dude on the hill with the nice optics lasing target or ID'ing target for pilot. That's CAS. F16 or F15, F22, F35 would be bingo fuel after 2 runs.

  13. SPECFX
    SPECFX Apr 27, 2012

    AH-64...625 rpm. A-10 Warthog...4000 rpm. Watch the other chopper vids. It's a "Tank Killer".

  14. ForrestAustin
    ForrestAustin Apr 27, 2012

    Why are all the videos unavailable? I have never been able to view one of them. Is it that they are being blocked by our organization?

  15. berserker170
    berserker170 Apr 29, 2012

    Very good acuracy indeed

  16. fknbastages
    fknbastages Apr 29, 2012

    one has to wonder if these were real terrorist or just some folks trying to travel. How much did it cost to blow up a few people? what a fuckin waste. There's just no reasoning with them instead of fighting? I find that hard to believe. It was pretty cool to see the bomb blow up though, I wonder what the black shit is. How long until the bastards running our government use that shit on us?

  17. 22617365
    22617365 Apr 29, 2012

    The video is either from a drone, Apache, or another aircraft. A-10's make a distinctive high-pitched whistling sound but on the first pass when most of them got ripped up, they never knew what hit them and didn't hear it until 30MM shells were exploding all around them. Hopefully anyone that crawled away was mortally wounded and died a slow painful death.

  18. 16125744
    16125744 Apr 29, 2012

    The video was shot by a helo but the amount of rounds down range says A 10. no doubt!!!

  19. 16125744
    16125744 Apr 29, 2012

    The ( Black shit) was soil flying from the impact of the 30MM rounds.

  20. SPECFX
    SPECFX Apr 30, 2012

    Peaceful tourists out roaming around!? "Secret Black Shit!? What bomb??!! You sure can tell the civilians, REMF's, and wannabees from the true warriors!

  21. 8363622
    8363622 May 03, 2012

    I didn't know A-10's could hover in one spot. I think this should be Apache footage and not A-10. Still, this is some awesome firepower and I would not want to be on the receiving end.

  22. OldRotorHead
    OldRotorHead May 04, 2012

    Good work troops, kill more of them!

  23. 10666372
    10666372 May 13, 2012

    Why would you assume that just because an A-10 is attacking, it is the only thing filming the attack? There are no helos, no bombs, no black goo bits. Just A-10s, lots of 30mm, and lots of hot frag. Apaches dream of having a 30mm Gatling gun like this...

  24. Slewntus
    Slewntus May 18, 2012

    Perhaps the filming is done by a drone and the shooting by the A-10, ever think of that?

  25. 6356490
    6356490 May 28, 2012

    A-10s, Delivering whoop ass to your door since the 1980s. I fucking love it.

  26. 6356490
    6356490 May 28, 2012

    If you can hear the gun go off, you are already dead. Those rounds travel well above the speed of sound.

  27. spdbmp41
    spdbmp41 Jul 31, 2012

    Desert_Fox-1 is dead on. You don't hear it til it's up your a-- kickin' footballs. Yeah, its too late then cuz you been had. 6356490 - you got the general situation down pat, but if you hear the gun go off, he prob'ly shot hell out of somebody else, like NFZV said. If you're his bullseye, the first you'll know of it is when the first round busts your butt, then it's time to cancel Christmas, anyway. Have many sweet mems humping 30mm rounds into the pods used to take them to the line for upload back in the late '80's (347 TFW). Retired '90 after 20+yr in AMMO. Makes me wanna open the bunker and break out s'more when a round goes off. 28546281- breathe easy, bro'. Napalm is still around. It was declared out of style in early '70's, but orders came down to give the Ammo troops a spay can and stencil. Same ingred's, but label says "Incendi-Gel" where it once said "Napalm". Not used much, tho, since we got nicer toys to play with. God Bless our troops and the USA! (Enjoyed 23 months in Iraq with today's troops before gov't pulled combatants out in Aug 2010. Would prob'ly still be there til it was over or they killed me, otherwise.) "Armadillo"

  28. 26472852
    26472852 Aug 29, 2012

    The footage is from a blimp you retards

  29. bluewolfy
    bluewolfy Aug 30, 2012

    good day to be a pilot.. bad day to be a tali ban trying to find goats for lunch

  30. FireFightinMan
    FireFightinMan Sep 02, 2012

    @Erichs, the camera view obviously wasn't from the jet (Obviously not moving either). It wasas probably a patrol that called in the strike.

  31. Lifesaver2
    Lifesaver2 Sep 06, 2012

    Wish we had these babies in RVN 67/68

  32. 23208059
    23208059 Sep 08, 2012

    I have seen this video before. The first time it was tagged as an AH-64 attack, not an A-10. Since the camera is stationary, the AH-64 makes more sense. Unless A-10s can now hover.

  33. 23208059
    23208059 Sep 08, 2012

    Ok, I am not above correcting myself. This is a hand held IR viewer (no heading indicator).

  34. 21068880
    21068880 Nov 04, 2012

    Message to forrestAustin regardingb blocked videos.They are. It's called sanitized. There not going show video of dead soldiers like Vietnam.Turn people off,and created demostrations.

    AMERICANSOULJA Feb 03, 2013

    buZZZZZZZZZ!!! you're dead!!!

  36. 12176486
    12176486 Apr 10, 2013

    It was def. taken from a Aerostat. Not a blimp. Big difference in that a blimp can fly where a big white balloon that looks like a blimp just floats on a teather. Anyway. Cool video.

  37. 26888173
    26888173 May 15, 2013

    Outstanding,carry on

  38. 11663037
    11663037 Jul 06, 2013

    Awesome ground to air / ground to ground too.in the Vulcan cannon. Got to shoot it in Germany in '77. Sweet.

  39. 16756003
    16756003 Feb 26, 2014

    Barley could see the sky, so many aircraft entering/departing target area, refueling in both directions(DST STRM, 3rd US Armored Cavalry Regiment, "Brave Rifles"). Landing only to re-arm, wow. FAE's, wow. Thanks to my USAF warriors all, you know how sweet the sound that gun on the "Hog" is on the ground. Aim High, thanks fellow warfighters, God Bless

  40. AnotherOldVet
    AnotherOldVet Feb 27, 2014


  41. neilsongh
    neilsongh Feb 27, 2014

    Most likely was called in by a FAC running a M.U.L.E. (or whatever today's equivalent is). That's why the video is so precise, and the strikes are sometimes off frame. Dead terrorist = Good terrorist. Semper Fi!

  42. Durango56
    Durango56 Feb 27, 2014

    Erichs: I wonder the same thing. The A-10's I remember never stood still! This had to have been an Apache or Cobra.

  43. timshin
    timshin Feb 27, 2014

    So why the hell are they eliminating A-10s? Their rationale that we no longer need tank killers is irrational.

  44. brstinson
    brstinson Feb 28, 2014

    The camera was on a uav not the hog.

  45. 20869456
    20869456 Feb 28, 2014

    I wish they had known their deaths were coming. The few survivors from the first strike knew it though. Eat depleted uranium scum......

  46. 18273437
    18273437 Mar 18, 2014

    Gret stuff, how about som mortars in action.

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