1 Apache + 2 Hellfires = 5 Less Bad Guys

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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AH-64 engage insurgents with two Hellfire missiles after the two Apaches take fire from insurgents in Iraq.

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  1. 29074777
    29074777 Mar 23, 2012

    what are u USA Stupid??

  2. 19070903
    19070903 Mar 31, 2012

    $100K in missiles/5 bad guys=ineffective use of weapons (unless they had SAMs). The 1st 2 bad guys didn't look very tactical...more like out on a Sunday stroll and if they didn't have SAMs, what would they be shooting at that range? AKs? RPGs? Rocks from a sling?

  3. 29311592
    29311592 May 10, 2012

    What exactly is the life of an American soldier, in harms way to you Mr. Ineffective use. Look, if the US MILITARY feels the need to teach or train it's most senior officers with the cost of ordinances, and effective spending then so be it. However, why polute a wall of honor with your cyber-graffiti. We come home, you die!

  4. Halsey58
    Halsey58 Jul 13, 2012


  5. Halsey58
    Halsey58 Jul 13, 2012

    Maybe if Mooeyshell and ObiewanBama took less luxury trips or maybe not use both AF1's to go to the same place. Or they did not fly in Kobe beef from Japan, we would have more money. Obie, waste of money, killing these assholes worth every dime!

  6. ThatGuy69
    ThatGuy69 Oct 07, 2012

    Excellent use of money. If you don't support our use of money or the USA in that case, quit browsing our website.

  7. 30486236
    30486236 Mar 05, 2013

    love my country and this site!!!!!!!!

  8. 17635561
    17635561 Apr 14, 2014

    Need to keep the A-10 tank killers.Much more effective and a couple of cannon blasts would have done the same thing.No need for missles.Great for troop protection as well.Worth two apaches.

  9. Copperhead_
    Copperhead_ Apr 14, 2014

    with is wrong with the 30mm or 2.75

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