Soldier Gives Own Life to Save Afghan Girl

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Incredible story coming out of Afghanistan. The first part of this video shows Sgt Dennis Weichel surprising his children last Christmas. Fast forward to 1:25 in the video to see the breaking story of how he saved a young Afghan girl's life and gave his own in the process. The official Pentagon news release says he died "from injuries suffered in a noncombat related incident." But there is much more to the story. Weichel, 29, of Providence, died saving the life of a little girl. According to the Rhode Island National Guard and the U.S. Army, Weichel was in a convoy a week ago with his unit in Laghman Province, in northeast Afghanistan. Some children were in the road in front of the convoy, and Weichel and other troops got out to move them out of the way. Most of the children moved, but one little girl went back to pick up some brass shell casings in the road. Afghan civilians often recycle the casings, and the girl appeared to aim to do that. But a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle was moving toward her, according to Lt. Col. Denis Riel of the Rhode Island National Guard. MRAPs, as they are known, usually weigh more than 16 tons. Weichel saw the massive truck bearing down on the girl and grabbed her out of the way. But in the process, the armored truck ran him over, Riel said. The little girl is fine. Weichel died a short time later of his injuries.

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  1. 5104713
    5104713 Mar 31, 2012

    At the very least he should receive the Soldiers Medal for his actions.

  2. 7216384
    7216384 Apr 02, 2012

    This man was not only a soldier, he was an Ambassador. What an unselfish act to impose for his country let alone a little girl he didn't even know. I hope this little girl and her parents never forget what this soldier did for their daughter. God Bless You Sgt. Dennis Wheichel

  3. 24958588
    24958588 May 29, 2012

    God bless.

  4. 24910002
    24910002 Jun 28, 2012

    To give oneself (and your life) for another is truly the epitome of what a soldier represents - but this young man was just doing what a father anywhere else would have done! I am proud to hear such selfless act of valor and proud of his legacy!

  5. 26384018
    26384018 Aug 03, 2012

    What a waste of life ,

  6. 22011548
    22011548 Sep 20, 2012

    I understand the sentiment but the Soldiers Medal is given for those NOT on duty.

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