Dutch Special Forces in Afghanistan

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Intense video of Dutch SF operating in Afghanistan.

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  1. 30815096
    30815096 May 29, 2013

    Due to public mental health issues and gov. corruption by police and jails ,we are under scrutney with videos and fraud to special forces and police forges. Example South lake tahoe and police disrespect to military homeless and ex-members who inform police due to their mental war issues and medicine. Example Stuart Bordick South lake tahoe, wildwood avenue and babtist church corner.Bullet to the head has created a war because of his mouth and teenage sex issues. Advisory to stop playing special force movies and due your selfless service as a pro. and leave public out of the picture case they are mentally ill and cant survive our stress like soldiers do in battle.Much love to Englands sas and stop helping police and courts with knowledge or sas has disrespected my family and forged my paperwork for police and women who lie and cheat to get ahead in life. Example Colen Tharpe and Benardo in your homes in Tahoe to help Police corruption.See nsa for proof and sexual fed. charges to police and mayor for drs. miss diagnosis to my wife and family. sas 38 alpha 566-33-8421 NCOIC See pentagon news for proof. I dare you to stop me? Asap jails go ahead with op. freedom military pows jails.

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