New Progress on Plasma Weapons

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A weak plasma weapon prototype developed by MU. Seems to have a lot of potential for energy and weapons.

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  1. 15433400
    15433400 Apr 29, 2013

    First steps to Plasma weapons.

  2. 36019483
    36019483 Mar 18, 2017

    Hello. Most of my entire family has been in the service, most of us went to MU. Currently am a targeted individual, that means I am being targeted with directed energy or electromagnetic weapons. Worked twenty years for a large corporation in Springfield, Missouri. Have been stalked by this corporation five years and targeted with DEWs eight months. Directed energy weapons are proliferating illegally across the United States and used to retaliate against anyone questioning the authority or ethics of the government, military, city utilities, wealthy corporations or individuals. When those loyal U.S. citizens who seek answers to difficult questions are gotten rid of through non-lethal weapons use and 'soft killed.' No one will be left to question. Instead of creating more weapons to be used covertly on innocent U.S. citizens, MU professors why not create force field equipment to protect against these devices? Thank you for reading. Thank you.

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