Naptown Funk

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Just when you thought you had this song out of your head...It's Saturday, and the Midshipmen have liberty. Let's hit downtown Annapolis. $0 budget. All Midshipmen cast and crew. Which city is next? Special thanks to the City of Annapolis, the Midshipmen, and the Maryland Avenue and State Circle Association.

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  1. 31266359
    31266359 Nov 04, 2015

    So is that tall midshipman going to be a periscope on a SSN-774 class when he graduates?

  2. GadsdenFlag
    GadsdenFlag Nov 04, 2015

    Please ---- Tailor the "lead singer's" jacket sleeves! Middies - mind your uniform.

  3. flatheadv8
    flatheadv8 Nov 04, 2015

    Makes the sailors look like a bunch of ghetto sass's.

  4. navyjag907
    navyjag907 Nov 04, 2015

    Hats off to the Mids who put this together and performed. Loved it! From a very, very old sailor.

  5. CohoCowboy
    CohoCowboy Nov 05, 2015

    So, this is the future of our Navy? Go Air Force.

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