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'Lone Survivor' Interview: Marcus Luttrell

Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell talks to about the upcoming film based on his unforgettable story of survival.

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  1. 28555251
    28555251 Dec 25, 2013

    I cannot wait to watch this film. If this Navy Seal is happy with the outcome, then by goodness this must be one helluva film! (I know he is the subject of the film) Bless him and his fallen team mates, and all those who have and are currently serving our nation!!!!

  2. 19211728
    19211728 Dec 27, 2013

    Having spent 30yrs in the Navy 22 act, 8 res. I can see and smell the battle, that is so unique that only a solider can know. With that said, the decision to let the kids go was a bad one, and completely jeopardized their mission. No one wants to eliminate a non lethal threat, one, they should have secured them so that they would've been found later unharmed, two, not knowing the full strength of the opposing force that they were walking into. Some of the best laid out plans are either carried out flawlessly, or, they turn into a cluster f*@k and the shit hits the fan, at which time nothing goes as planned, then, you have to improvise, and think on your feet and hope that you and your men come out, in one piece. Your best intel is when you have feet on the ground and eyes on the objective. When they got closer to their objective, they would've found out that they were out gunned and undermanned to achieve their objective. They should have reported back that fact, at which time, they either would have been instructed to either fall back to the arranged extraction point, or to keep eyes on, carry out intel, and wait for further instructions, or reinforcements.

  3. 31429895
    31429895 Jan 02, 2014

    This may seam unappropriated to ask. But if they would have followed their training and killed the shepherd boy, how many of them would have died?

  4. 10607840
    10607840 Jan 02, 2014

    Unfortunately more glorification of the wrong forces doing the wrong missions and paying the price for it. The Naval Special Warfare community has a long history of this - trying to be God's gift to special operations, trying to do Army and Marine missions, and getting good people killed doing it, but of course working the public relations game the best... The SEALs are of course great Americans and do some things well, but pure ground combat missions are not among these. Come on folks! Why doesn't the joint leadership have the guts to keep them in their box? They take untrained sailors and think they can turn them into ground soldiers. The Army and Marine formula is to start with a core of great infantry soldiers - the only way to do it right. Oh well, just let the navy pass out high awards and white-wash a failure again. I probably won't watch the movie - too frustrating having worked live missions with these folks and then having done it with really good forces otherwise...

  5. 28144334
    28144334 Jan 13, 2015

    I must be in a cave since this is the first I've heard of this movie. It is definitely a must watch after American Sniper. I read Kyle's book so I have to see the movie. Mr. Luttrell is showing some real signs of PTSD. I hope and Pray someone else see's it and gets this Hero Warrior some help.Navy Cross and Purple Heart, He is a Hero.

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