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How did Gary Oldman, a guy who looks NOTHING like Churchill, manage to create the greatest portrayal of the British Prime Minister in movie history?

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  1. 33578180
    33578180 Feb 27, 2018

    Not only is Gary Oldman a great actor, he is also a conservative. One of a few in lib hollywood.

  2. 36598266
    36598266 Feb 28, 2018

    Imagine a leader like Churchill today...at the helm in the U.S.A.......upper crust British accent or not........I'd follow his advice and leadership traits to defeat a common enemy......in this time period of the 21st century being Democrats, Liberals, their Alinsky taught Soros controllers who want the Republic destroyed. Those who question or ridicule what I have just said are the more advanced/educated of the cabal and nest of treasonous despots and wanna' be dictators...........those being the ones with severe psychological problems they hide/manage very well......correction......almost very well.

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